Flirty Formal Fun: Part 1

Spring is officially here and Summer is on the way. This is the perfect time of year to bring your hair out to play. Swept up, piled high, full and lush or romantically curled, the Spring to Summer season offers plenty of opportunity to accessorise your gorgeous smile with an on fleek style. We review some of our favourite looks, as fashioned by our very own salon teams.



There once was a little girl who had a little curl…and she always looked fantastic! Achieving the perfect head of soft, romantic curls is an essential base style that lends itself to many other looks, both up and down. More structured and formal than beach waves, Tousled Curl is distinguished by starting much closer to the hair line, and by being more closely clustered, whilst still maintaining a loose and soft finish.

There are many ways to create curls and it is not always necessary to use heat but the results do tend to last longer and are more resistant to weather induced frizz when a flat or curling iron is applied. To get this look at home, you’ll need a curling iron, some large bobby pins, and hairspray. Section your hair off, spray and backcomb at the roots of action section you will be working with. Starting with your base layers, give each application of the iron a full 360 degree turn right at the roots. Pull your curling iron through slowly and once all your curls are in, run through and ruffle gently with your fingers to separate.

Time In Salon – 40 mins on average.





You don’t have to look far to find plenty of your favourite celebrities going for all our glamour by combining curls with a beautiful side swept style. Nothing says formal season quite like it, which is why this look is a staple at weddings, on red carpets and catwalks all year round. We love it for its soft, romantic motion. Pair with a gorgeous backless or low-cut gown for formals, or with halter style tops.

To achieve this fabulous look at home, follow the exact steps as for Tousled Curl but once you finish curling, section off the sides and top of your hair once more. Achieve the side sweep by creating a low side pony tail, being careful to bring a section from the other side across to do so for volume. Tie off then simply release and loosely pull the rest of your hair around to the same side and fix with large bobby pins. new colour.

Time In Salon – 45 mins on average.





This style is genuinely sophisticated and very difficult to achieve at home, so we’re not going to take up the screen space that would be required to explain it step by step. Suffice it to say, this is a slight modification on the very popular and incredibly elegant Dutch Braid Crown. What characterises a Dutch from a French braid is the direction. Where a French braid inverts the hair toward the scalp by crossing strands over the top of each other, a Dutch braid reverses this by crossing strands underneath one another and this creates the distinct raised result.

In a traditional Dutch Crown Braid, the final braid is created to cross the nape, from one ear to the other before being arranged exactly as it sounds, to crown the head. However, with this style our innovative salon team have turned this whole idea on its head again by inverting the direction of the braids so rather than the style originating at the top of the hair, it is moving from the nape toward the crown of the head, creating a truly distinctive, unique look. This look does take a reasonable volume of hair to achieve and is not recommended for ladies with weaves or extensions.

Time in Salon – 60 mins on average.


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