Flirty Formal Fun: Part 2

Spring is officially here and Summer is on the way. This is the perfect time of year to bring your hair out to play. Swept up, piled high, full and lush or romantically curled, the Spring to Summer season offers plenty of opportunity to accessorise your gorgeous smile with an on fleek style. We review some of our favourite looks, as fashioned by our very own salon teams.



It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian made the sleek ponytail famous. Love her or hate her, it is a style she wears well and often. Whether pulled directly back from the brow, or given a chic, sharp mid part, this look is super flattering and does wonders to accentuate the eyes and neck. A great look to take from day to night, it’s elegant with just the right amount of playful and the perfect style to show off your favourite drop earrings.

Achieving the perfect sleek ponytail requires two often missed tips. A dry or spray oil and hairspray. Prep with the oil and then toss your head over and give your mane a good dose of your favourite fix, being careful not to apply it too close – arm’s length will do. Then from the very front of your forehead, brush through and up into your selected band, aiming to finish just at the base of your crown. Try a detangling style brush to do so as the nature of the bristles work to smooth and flatten. Once your pony is up, take a narrow-toothed comb and start working from your hairline back to the band, pulling connected strands behind the band to flatten any bubbles. Work through with a straight iron to perfect the sleek in your fleek, and ensure any of those pesky shorter strands that tend to stick up from the centre melt into the style.

Time In Salon – 50 mins on average, with straightening.




Our stylists thought they’d challenge themselves to take not one, not two but three of the most on trend looks of the last two years and work them into a single up do. Here, the tousled look meets the braid phenomenon IN A BUN! We love this look because it seems very complex but is deceptively simple to achieve. To get the look at home you’ll need bobby pins, small elastic bands, hairspray and a brush. Prep your hair by spraying at the roots and backcombing slightly to gain volume before working your hair back with your hands or a brush back into a natural shape. Note here, you’ll be tying a LOT of ponytails for this style so don’t make your bands too tight, as the distinct look of this braid is creating by gently teasing pulling the braids apart.

1. Take a small section of hair from one side – the one with the least volume of hair is often best to start – and tie off a small pony tail a few inches above your neck.

2. Move to the neighbouring section of hair and tie off a similar size pony. Then, split the first pony in half and lay the second pony flat through the middle of it, clipping it up to keep it out of the way.

3. Add the next small section of hair to the remaining pony, using another band. Then release the clipped pony, split it and lay the next section through the middle and clip it again.

4. Repeat this process until you have crossed the full nape of your neck and you have a remaining pony tail just above one of your shoulders.

5. The next step is to take the top section of hair from that remaining pony and tie it into another smaller pony. You’ll then split that and pull the rest of the hair through it, repeating this pattern until all remaining hair is captured.

6. Then you need to go back through the braid, starting at the beginning and gently pulling each section of braid apart, all the way to the very end of the pony tail.

7. Tuck the ponytail section up under the braid at the nape of your neck, this is what creates the ‘bun’ effect. Bobby pin in place, spray and arrange a few soft strands loosely around your face to complete this romantic look.


Time In Salon – 50 mins on average, depending on hair length.




Your hair is always your best accessory, and this clever style is a lovely example of how to effortlessly wear a pretty braid in place of a formal band. The distinct cascading style of the Waterfall is a lovely twist on the classic French braid, and worn one just one side of the hair it is delightful for semi-formal events. To get this look at home you’ll need a smoothing serum, bobby pins, some small bands, hairspray and your favourite brush or comb for preparing your hair. As with all braids, it’s best to work with hair that has been at least a day since washing as this will help your braid grip, rather than slip. Apply your smoothing serum to avoid flyaways and comb through.

It will help if you’re confident with starting a French braid as the first few steps are the same. Separate the standard three strands, left over middle, right over middle and then picking up an additional top strand to braid in, and then an additional bottom strand. The trick with the Waterfall braid however is in what you drop, rather than what is picked up. So, with the next front section, instead of bringing it back into the braid as you would with a French style, let it drop and pick up another section from right underneath. It is the dropped section that is your first ‘waterfall’.
Cross the back strand over and pick up another section as normal, but drop the next front strand and pick up from underneath it instead. Repeat until you have worked in as much hair as you desire, tie off with your small bands, fix with bobby pins, spray and voila – a gorgeous modern twist on a classic French favourite.

Time in Salon – 50 mins on average, depending on hair length.


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