Flirty Formal Fun: Part 3

Spring is officially here and Summer is on the way. This is the perfect time of year to bring your hair out to play. Swept up, piled high, full and lush or romantically curled, the Spring to Summer season offers plenty of opportunity to accessorise your gorgeous smile with an on fleek style. We review some of our favourite looks, as fashioned by our very own salon teams.




A beautifully executed bun is welcome at any event and are ideal for high season formals, track side race days, rubbing elbows with members, slow dancing at weddings, or taking in beach views over a champagne breakfast the morning after the best night of your life. Truly, a bun can be a girl’s best friend on even the worst hair day. And a man’s for that matter. The beauty of a bun is found in the underlying structure.

To get this look at home, you can use a bun donut, being careful to get one that is the right size for your volume of hair. Work your hair into a mid-way ponytail, thread through your donut, arranging hair around its width and circumference, and bobby pin in place. Once your underlying structure is there, gently pull a few strands free here and there, curl with an iron and rearrange them elsewhere in your bun to create a sense of movement in the style.

Time in Salon – 50 mins on average, depending on hair length.




In another gorgeous variation of the Tousled Curl, our stylists swept the entire look into a graceful ponytail for a result that is timeless and quintessentially feminine. For this session, our stylists first applied the curling iron throughout the hair and, taking the pony a little lower this time, brought it up into the band using two side sections. The curling adds more volume at the base of the style than with the Sleek Pony and this look is often easier for ladies with widows peaks, double crowns or tricky hair parts to achieve. Pair this with pearl earrings and a delicate necklace for a result that whispers pure old-time movie romance.

Time In Salon – 50 mins on average, with curling.




What do you get if a bun goes on an adventure and comes back slightly breathless and windswept? Why, a wispy, ever so slightly “I just made it to the ball on time’ Tousled Up Do of course! This is the carefree cousin of the bun; a style that – if it were a person – probably cut school occasionally and was perhaps known for being a little loud at parties but everyone loved them anyway because – well – adorable. #Ammirite ?

Suffice it to say the Tousled Up Do comes in many varieties. There are no hard and fast rules, but what distinguishes it is the absence of a strict or obvious structure to the hair. The art to this look is leave loose, light curls that seem to have escaped the style to frame the face. A great option for shorter hair, this style does not require the lengths needed for some of the previous showcase looks and is ideal for garden weddings, high tea bridesmaids’ get-togethers and other semi-formal occasions.

Time In Salon – 50 mins on average.


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