Winter Bright

Our hair is one of winter’s greatest victims. Wind, rain and non-stop air conditioning can leave hair feeling dry and dull, brittle and frizzy. There are, however, a few simple steps that you can follow to maintain your mane as you wait out the winter months.


Combinations of cold, dry air outdoors and blasts of heat indoors can really dry out your scalp and your hair, resulting in frizz and brittleness. Follow the same logic as you might with your skin and switch up to richer formula hair care products to combat these effects. Choose gentle, hydrating products that include oils such as Argan or Almond and consider adding an organic range that omit SLES and ALS.

Alternating your regular or colour maintenance shampoo and conditioner with an organic option can help maintain pH and reduce the amount of oil that is stripped from your hair with each wash. This is an especially good tip if you use brightening shampoos to maintain colour as these can be drying.


If your hair is frizzing or suffering from excessive flyaways as a result of cooler times, it may be tempting to tame it with more regular blow-drying or incessant use of a straightener. Resist that urge! After your wash, remove as much moisture as you can from your hair. Blot with a towel rather than rubbing and avoid twisting water out of your hair as this can lead to breakage. Apply a thermal protector to damp hair and set your blow dryer to the coolest temperature, held at a reasonable distance from your scalp. It may sound uninviting when it’s only a few degrees outside but your hair and scalp will thank you for the extra gentle love.

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