A Formal Affair: How To Care For Your Hair

Let’s be real ladies, there are so many things on our mind when it comes to getting formal fresh and fierce.

PRE-FORMAL Whether you are planning on having a fancy up-do or an elegant locks-out style, the best step to prepare your hair for a styling is by getting a trim! Yes, a trim. It is recommended to get a trim every four to six weeks to prevent split ends and even encourage growth!

Shocker, we know! So a few weeks before the event, book into get a trim so you can have the best and healthiest version of your hair ready for your styling session. While you’re there, why not consult with your stylist about what style you’re wanting and what they can do for you.

Price Attack hair salons have many stylist and colourists who can assist in creating a unique look for your special night. In addition to helping your hair be strong and ready for your formal style, finding a shampoo and conditioner that is perfect for your hair type can make a massive difference to the health of your precious tresses. If you have dry, oily, curly, straight or blonde hair, there is a product dedicated to training and taming your magnificent mane. If you are addicted to straightening, curling and blow drying your hair (like the many of us), another great way to help try and prevent those nasty split ends is by using a heat protection spray before styling your hair. By applying a little spray prior to putting that 200 degree iron on your hair can make the world of difference to the strength and split ends.

THE BIG DAY The day has arrived!! All your appointments are booked and you are waiting to go. Your first task for the day is to wash your hair! Make sure you hair is washed before your hair appointment to save time and improve the outcome of your up do. Arrive early to your appointment and with images of your dress, makeup and preferred style. Maybe have some photos for ‘inspo’ so you can guide your stylist in making you look perfect (your stylist should have helped you pick when you got a trim)! Now that your hair is done, and you are on your way home, another quick tip is to ride on the safe side of life... stop flyaways by keeping your windows up for the drive home or the aircon fan on low, so your style doesn’t get blown away! And finally, always take an umbrella! What? You never know and this is solid advice!

POST NIGHT OUT So the night of nights has passed, but your hair care can’t end there! You’ve worked so hard to keep your mane in top shape, there’s no point in going back on it now. Remember the amount of hairspray you put on your head to keep that do in check? The next step is to repair and refresh and the perfect way to do that is with a hair mask!

A good mask can reconstruct dry, damaged or chemically treated hair and restore your hair’s elasticity. Another product that helps daily hair care is Moroccanoil. It makes hair silky and smooth and can completely transform your hair infusing it with antioxidant-rich argan oil. It is hydrating, moisturising, nourishing, repairing and will boost the shine in your hair. Your post formal depression has finally kicked in, and we can’t think of a better way to cure it than a new do. You’ve probably been growing your hair out for the last year so you can have long gorgeous locks for your special day.

Nothing says ‘new me’ like a fresh cut! Take the plunge and do something new!

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