Pink Hair Don't Care!

Pastel hair has been a trend for a few years now, and is showing no sign of slowing down. The fusion of blonde and pink hues is definitely becoming the beauty statement of the decade with a rise in people taking the pastel plunge! However, despite how easy Kim Kardashian and the rest of Hollywood seem to make it look, going pink it's not that peachy. Here are our tips to master the pink do.

Kim Kardashian

Go to a Pro

Unfortunately (unless you’re a virgin blonde), going pink is not as easy as slapping on some Manic Panic at home and voilà. If you’re starting with a dark base, the process is a little longer and requires some professional help. Given that your hair will need to be completely bleached and stripped before the pink dye is applied, seeing a professional will ensure the correct lift of your natural tone, with minimal damage.

Another positive of seeing a stylist is that they are able to correctly identify the most flattering tones for you. If you have a cooler complexion for example, that warm flamingo hue you fell in love with on Instagram, may be less flattering in real life. Instead, a stylist would probably recommend fuchsia and magenta hues that have a violet or blue base. 

Bella Hadid


Don’t play a guessing game with your shampoo. If you are using a shampoo for damaged hair, but your hair is actually just dry, you could be doing more harm than good!

On the other hand, if the reparative shampoo you're using is protein-based, and there is already enough protein in your hair, you’ll end up making your hair brittle. Luckily, your stylist will be able to identify whether your hair is simply dry or actually damaged, and steer you in the right direction!

WARNING: Don't forget, to keep your colour from fading fast, steer clear of any products that contain sulphates, as they could strip your colour.

Gigi Hadid

Top Ups

A regular salon visit (every 6 to 8 weeks) is imperative to touch up your roots. The heat from your scalp can affect how the colour processes, so it's important to keep in mind how much root regrowth you have. If you have any more than three quarters of an inch, there's a possibility that the colour can 'band,' causing an uneven result!

In between salon visits, use a colour-depositing conditioner every other time you shower, such as a Nak Colour Masque. 

Hillary Duff


  1. Dry Shampoo: Not only does it keep your style from getting shiny, it prolongs your time between washes, meaning you can keep your colour looking vibrant and beautiful for much longer. Try AG Simply Dry
  2. Rinse with Cool Water: Turns out that hot water actually forces the hair cuticle open, allowing the colour to seep out. Opt for a chillier finish to your shower to seal the cuticle and lock in your colour.
  3. Use a Heat Protector: If you have bleached hair you need to be extra careful with heat styling. Any product that provides colour protection and added moisture, such as the Juuce Heat Shield, will help keep your locks from getting dry and damaged.

Ready to take the pink plunge? Book your appointment with one of our expert stylists today. 

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