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Get the latest Spring Racing Carnival Hairstyle & Fashion Tips

Spring has sprung and so too has Spring Carnival, and this season is tipped to bring colour back trackside. Bold colours, botanical prints, feminine frills and metallic headpieces will see you take out the trifecta when it comes to being race day ready! 

Heading to the races can be daunting. From finding the perfect dress to flawless hair and making sure your hair wear’s on point. Here are our top five tips that’ll help you get race day ready this spring. 

  1. Keep Hydrated

A day on the pop and fizz can cause dehydration, and hydration is critical to healthy hair. While a short burst of dehydration won’t cause serious damage to your hair we do recommend you prepare and nourish your hair with a hydrating treatment before race day.  

Keep your hair thirst-free with one of these hydrating masks before race day - Nak Aromas Hydra Therapy, Moroccanoil Weightless Hydrating Mask, Matrix Hydrasourse Mask.

Nak Aromas Hydra Therapy - hydrating hair mask | Price Attack

  1. Condition Hair

Condition your hair for the style you want. Think of it like preparing a foundation for you to build the perfect do. 

For relaxed wavy hair, cleanse and condition your hair the night before as per normal, then comb through a leave in treatment on damp hair. You can’t go past Juuce 20 in 1 Miracle. It’s a detangler and heat protector, it prevents sun damage, adds shine, seals ends, adds body and more!

While your hair is still damp, section it and either plait it or twist it and pin into a bun and leave overnight. Loosen in the morning, adding a curling balm to dry hair. We recommend Juuce Kinky to improve shine and reduce flyaways. 

Pair relaxed wavy curls with a fun and feminine floral crown - race day hair | Price Attack

Pair relaxed wavy curls with a fun and feminine floral crown. 

  1. Stay On Trend

A sleek pony will take you from day to night and is always on trend! Recreate Kimmy K’s rockin’ high pony with these simple steps. 

  • Apply a styling lotion to damp hair. We recommend PPS Sculpt It, it delivers incredible body, bounce and shine.
  • Next, blow dry your hair upside down and prime hair in the direction of where you want your ponytail to sit. This technique helps to smooth lumps and eliminate any cowlicks.
  • After drying, gather and smooth hair, remove any lumps with a bristle brush then secure with a hair tie.
  • Take a small section of hair from the underside of the ponytail, and curl it with a curling iron, Use this section of hair to wrap your ponytail at the top, securing the end with a bobby pin or two. Finish off with a firm hold hairspray such as PPS Original Lacquer

classic ponytail you can afford to go bolder with your fascinator - race day hair | Price Attack

With a classic ponytail you can afford to go bolder with your fascinator, no shape or size is off limits! 

  1. Go Fascinator FREE

Not a fan of hats or hair wear. Go with a fashionable fishtail braid and a simple metallic hair pin and stand out trackside with statement hair. 

fishtail braid and a simple metallic hair pin - race day hair | Price Attack

If you haven’t got the time to spend getting ready or to pre-wash your hair, then the fishtail braid is the answer to your hair prayer! The fishtail braid isn’t as hard as it looks, and it allows you to pull off a stylish and flirtatious look in minutes.

How to fishtail braid - tutorial | Price Attack

Check out our How To: Fishtail Braid tutorial here

  1. Avoid Hat Hair

If you can’t go past the iconic hat on race day and know with 100% certainty you’ll be removing that hat before the last race has been run, then you’ll need to make sure your hair is under total control underneath it. 

Just like applying a make-up primer apply a primer to your hair for longer lasting results. Hair primers act as a barrier shielding hair against humidity reducing frizz. We recommend using AG Hair BB Cream or Schwarzkopf Undercoat before drying hair. To reduce flyaways, finish off your styling with a lightweight finishing spray like AG Hair Tousled Texture

AG Hair Tousled Texture - reduce flyaways, lightweight finishing spray | Price Attack

Looking for more race day hair inspiration, then check out our pin board Race Day Hair over on Pinterest.


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