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The Hair Dryer You Didn't Know You Needed

You're probably thinking "Another hair dryer to add to the mix? What's so special about this one, why should I pick this?" Well, thanks for asking - we're going to tell you why we think the Salon Confidential Hair Dryer should be your go-to styling friend!

Salon Confidential Dryer Box

So, why do we recommend the Salon Confidential ProLite Hair Dryer?

The Salon Confidential ProLite Hair Dryer is a professional salon hairdryer (exclusive to Price Attack) that produces silky smooth, shiny and frizz free results that last all day. What better way to get those salon quality smooth results at home than with a salon-quality hair dryer - it just makes sense!

If you're looking for that smooth, for that shiny, for that frizz-free hair of your styling dreams, Salon Confidential is where you'll find it. Featuring ionic and ceramic technology, you know you'll get results that last all day long.

It's like, what doesn't the Salon Confidential ProLite Dryer have?

You know how tired your hands get holding those bulky hair dryers? You won't get that here! The ergonomic balanced handle provides comfort and control while you style. And with all the controls in the middle of the handle, it'll be great for lefties, righties and ambidextrous friends.

Did you know that adding a shot of cold air to your hair will set your style in place? The Salon Confidential ProLite Dryer offers not only that shot of instant cold air, but you can also choose your temperature from 4 different options (including the cold) to get that ultimate drying and styling control.

Salon Confidential Hair Dryer Buttons

And speaking of styling...

You can create a different style for every day with the assortment of attachments included with this dryer. From curly to wavy to straight hair, you can style your hair however you like, all with the same dryer.

In the box, you'll find:

  • 61mm concentrator nozzle
  • 74mm concentrator nozzle, and
  • Diffuser

Salon Confidential ProLite Hair Dryer Attachments

Why the Salon Confidential ProLite Hair Dryer really is our number one!

With 4 temperature settings, a 3 metre long cord, and 2 speeds, you can see why this hair dryer could be your number 1 styling tool.

Shop the Salon Confidential ProLite Hair Dryer now!

Salon Confidential Dryer and Straightener

Don't forget to check out the Salon Confidential ProLite Hair Dryer's partner in crime, the Salon Confidential Hair Straighter! Available in 1" and 1.5" !

Find out why the Salon Confidential Hair Straightener could be the one for you with our blog post: The Straightener You Didn't Know You Needed. 

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