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Hair FX Flexible Rods Medium Blue 12pc Pack

Hair FX Flexible Rods Medium Blue 12pc Pack

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Hair FX Flexible Rods Medium Blue 12pc Pack are soft enough to sleep on, creates tight curls and spirals & easy to use. Get gorgeous curls while you sleep with the Hair FX Flex Rods Medium Blue. Also, perming as they will not absorb the solution.

These soft rods are designed to create tight curls and spirals, giving you the perfect look without any heat damage. Plus, they're incredibly easy to use - making it the perfect addition to your hair routine. Say goodbye to long, tedious styling sessions and hello to effortless, stunning curls.


  • 15mm W x 180mm L
  • Creates tight curls & spirals
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for setting or perming

How to use

Step 1: Secure the ends of your hair tightly around the flexi rod to prevent it from slipping out as your hair dries. Ensure that the curls are wrapped tightly around the rod.

Step 2: To achieve smooth, spiral curls, gently wrap your hair around the rod without rolling it straight up or letting it wrap over itself. Doing so will increase drying time and result in weaker curls.

Step 3: For a secure hold, bend the top of the flexi rod in the opposite direction of the spiral of hair. Continue this process on each section until all of your hair is styled with flexi rods.

Step 4: You can sleep with flexi rods in overnight, or use a hooded dryer to speed up the process. Longer or thicker hair will take longer to dry.

Step 5: Unfold one of the curl rods to begin removing it. Go one at a time, do not try to remove multiple rods at once. Style as desired. 

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