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Denman D84 Paddle Brush Mini

Denman D84 Paddle Brush Mini

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Denman D84 Paddle Brush Mini is a small air-cushioned paddle brush that delivers controlled styling and maximum comfort. 

Ball-ended tips on flexible nylon pins combine with our air-cushioned pad to deliver comfortable and flexible, blow-drying, styling and detangling.  Flexible nylon ball-ended pins are kind to hair and scalp. Air cushioned pad gently responds to contours of the head and increased surface area enables rapid drying and styling.


  • Smooths
  • Detangles
  • Wet and dry hair
  • Gentle styling
  • Blow-styling
  • Straightening
  • Rapid blow-drying

How to Use

Starting with small stokes gently remove any tangles by starting from ends and working through to the scalp. Repeat if necessary.

Tip: To wash your D84 brush, wash in warm, soapy water. Rinse and leave to dry away from direct heat and sunlight.

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