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Berrywell Eyelash Tint Papers 96pc

Berrywell Eyelash Tint Papers 96pc

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Berrywell Eyelash Tint Papers 96pc protects the skin from staining as you tint your eyelashes. A vital tool to prevent colour staining whilst tinting eyebrows and eyelashes. Designed to effectively adhere to the skin, the protective pads are made from special paper that protects the skin during hair tinting.


  • Protects skin
  • Prevents colour staining
  • Simple to use

How to Use

Cover the reverse side of protecting papers with skin cream or Vaseline/petroleum jelly (never with water). Apply to lower eyelids, reverse side down, and close to the lashes. When time of development has elapsed, remove the papers in the direction away from the cheek.

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