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Hair Dryers FAQs

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What is the best hair dryer?

There are many different and amazing hair dryers available, and with advancements in technology, finding the best hair dryer to suit your hair and your needs is key. A couple of features you need to consider when choosing a good hair dryer are…

  • Wattage – the higher the wattage the more power. If you have thick hair you may want a higher wattage.
  • Adjustable Airflow – if you want more control over your hair dryer, and intend to use it for styling as well as drying, then choose a hair dryer with multiple speed and heat settings.
  • Cool Shot Button – lock in curls and waves and ensure a longer-lasting blow dry with the cool shot button. It helps to keep your style in place longer.
  • Ceramic – a good hair dryer for all hair types, and the best hair dryer for fine hair. A ceramic hair dryer lets you dry and style. It’s least likely to damage hair as it provides an even heat and infrared heat locks in moisture.
  • Titanium – a good hair dryer for thick or frizzy hair. A titanium hair dryer offers higher heat temperatures to dry hair faster, lowering the length of time heat is on your hair.
  • Ionic – a combination of both ceramic and titanium, an ionic hair dryer dries hair while locking in moisture which means you’ll see less frizz. They aren’t always suitable for styling hair though as they do not add volume to hair, and can leave fine, thin hair limp.
  • Nozzles – the most notable nozzle is the concentrator nozzle, the thin, flat nozzle. Use it to channel airflow and to dry hair in sections. The second most notable nozzle is the diffuser. A diffuser helps promote the hair’s natural curls and waves.

Lastly, we’ve posted about some of our absolute favourite hair dryers available, the EVY Professional Infusalite Hair Dryer and the Panasonic Moisture Infusing Hair Dryer!

How does a hair dyer work?

To break it down simply, hair dryers work by drawing in room temperate air, which then passes through the devices hot wire coils, increasing the air temperature. The hot air is then blown out the end (hence the name blow dryer), which you direct onto your wet or damp hair, speeding up the water evaporation process on the surface of your hair. While we aren’t the technical experts, Price Attack are the hair experts, so check out our full range of hair dryers online or instore!

    How to use a hair dryer

    Want to achieve ‘just stepped out of the salon’ hair? Start with the right tools; choosing the best hair dryer for your hair type and the correct hairbrush for the style you’re after (see our blog Best Hair Brushes for Every Hair Type for more on hairbrushes). You’ll also need hair sectioning clips and your hair dryer’s concentrator nozzle.

    Pro Tip: Don’t forget to use heat protector, it’s like sunscreen for your hair. Our favourite, and our best seller is AG Hair Smooth Firewall.

    Wash and towel dry hair – pro tip; blot dry hair rather than rubbing it, rubbing hair causes the hair fibres to frizz. Then partially dry hair on a high speed on a mid-heat setting. To straighten hair with a hair dryer, attach the concentrator nozzle and working in sections, from the nape up to your crown, blow-dry hair. For volume, concentrate on your roots pulling your brush down through your hair to the ends. If you want to curl your ends, use the cool shot button to set the curl before pulling the brush out.

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    EVY Professional Infusalite Dryer


    muk Blow 3900-IR Hair Dryer Rose


    muk Blow 3900-IR Hair Dryer Matte Black


    BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Bambino Hairdryer


    Silver Bullet Obsidian Dryer 2000W Black


    EVY Professional The Boss Dryer Black


    Silver Bullet Ethereal 2000W Hair Dryer


    Salon Confidential ProLite Hair Dryer


    Pro-One Aerolite Hair Dryer Black


    Pro-One Aerolite Hair Dryer Titanium


    Mermade Hair Interchangeable Blow Dry Brush Pink


    Pro-One Aerolite Hair Dryer Rose Gold


    Pro-One Aerolite Hair Dryer Blush


    Silver Bullet Velvet 2000W Hair Dryer Black

    $119.95 $124.95

    CLOUD NINE The Airshot Pro


    CLOUD NINE The Airshot Dryer


    CLOUD NINE The Airshot Dryer Midnight


    Over 55 Stores Australia-wide

    Free delivery on orders over $107*

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