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Hair Straighteners FAQs

A large range of the best hair straighteners from your favourite brands, including ghd, EVY Professional and MuK. 

How to curl hair with a straightener

When mastering the art of curling hair with a straightener, the first thing you need to do is to guard your hair against heat and friction by applying a thermal protectant, focusing on the ends where hair tends to need a little more protection.  The easiest way to curl your hair with a straightener is by sectioning your hair into three ponytails, and to then curl each ponytail into three or four curls depending on how thick your hair is. Leave curls to cool completely before snipping the hair ties off, then comb your fingers or wide tooth comb through hair.

How to use a hair straightener

To achieve a smooth, straight finish to your hair at home, there’s more to straightening your hair than how to use a hair straightener.

It starts with the shampoo and conditioner you use and how you dry your hair – never rub, it makes it frizz, to which hair products you should use and the technique to adopt when straightening hair.

We’ve broken this down into 7 super easy tips on how to straighten your hair to achieve a sleek and stylish finish, without destroying your locks.

  1. Prep your hair with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner
  2. Dry your hair correctly
  3. Protect your hair with heat protection spray
  4. Optimise your straightener to avoid burning
  5. Straighten your hair bit by bit
  6. Maintain technique when straightening
  7. Finish with an anti-humidity spray

What's the best hair straightener?

With so many different and amazing hair straighteners available finding the right straightener to suit you and your hair type is essential. So instead of asking what’s the best hair straightener ask what the best hair straightener for my hair type is.

If you have thin hair, a ceramic hair straightener is your best bet as it offers an even heat. Ideal for fine hair, the Muk Style Stick 230-IR Hair Straightener offers adjustable temperature control so can control heat and straighten hair without burning it.

Or if you have thick hair, a titanium hair straightener works best as it holds a higher heat, eliminating the need to go over each strand two or three times to achieve a smooth finish. For a fast-seamless glide, look no further than EVY Profssional iQ-OneGlide 1.5" Hair Straightener, its wider plates are ideal for thick hair. 

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muk Style Stick 230 IR


muk Style Stick 230 IR Wide Plate


muk Style Stick White


Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Titanium Straightener


Salon Confidential Infrared 1" Hair Straightener


Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Ceramic Straightener - 25mm

$179.00 $254.95

EVY Professional E-Styler Hair Straightener


Mermade Hair Straightener 28mm Pink


Silver Bullet Straightener Mini Gold


Silver Bullet Straightener Mini Black


BaByliss Pro CryoCare The ColdBrush

$259.35 $399.00

Muk Hot Paddle Brush


CLOUD NINE The Original Iron


CLOUD NINE The Wide Iron


CLOUD NINE 2-in-1 Contouring Iron Pro


CLOUD NINE The Original Iron Pro Pearl


CLOUD NINE The Wide Iron Pro


CLOUD NINE The Original Cordless Iron


CLOUD NINE The Touch Iron

$249.00 $289.00

Over 55 Stores Australia-wide

Free delivery on orders over $107*

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