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3 reasons you should be using Pure

Pure is turning heads for all the right reasons. We did the... Read more

Top 10 Hair Frenzy Deals

From 40* OFF to SAVING big on best selling products. The Hair Frenzy is live and here are the deals you should NOT ig... Read more

A Guide To Your Copper Dreams

Fabian FuentesRead more

Give Her The Royal Treatment | The Ultimate Gift Guide for Mother's Day

Here we are again, all year you think you'll be prepared and then it comes... Mother's Da... Read more

VANI-T What Is It And Why We Are Obsessed

Vani-T is an award winning, cruelty free and vegan wellness and haircare brand, coined by... Read more

The Haircare Trending on TikTok

What makes TikTok truly remarkable is its vibrant community of millions, eager to experim... Read more


Purchase any two Goldwell or KMS products in store or online for a chance to win 1 of 4 $500... Read more

The 5 Best Masks and Treatments

The temperature's dropping, and you might be wondering what to do when your hair starts feeling a bit rougher, flatte... Read more

The Powerful Women of Price Attack

In honour of the month that celebrates women, and of course our newest campaign, we wante... Read more

Best Afterpay Day Deals

Afterpay Day is upon us and it can be far too easy to blink and miss the best deals. But, it is also too easy to s... Read more

The Best Hair Mask for Your Hair Type

The mask collection by Pump Haircare is filled with premium natural and innovative masks sui... Read more

The viral Shark Styler now at Price Attack

Shark joined the haircare scene and quickly became beloved by its users. Its ultra flexible, low heat, lightweight te... Read more

Over 55 Stores Australia-wide

Free delivery on orders over $107*

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