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5 Summer Hair Care Tips to Fight Frizz

Hot days, warm nights and beach waves are some of the things we look to embrace during the warmer months. More often than not, along with those things often comes humidity-driven frizz! Check-out our 5 Summer Hair Care Tips to keep your hair silky smooth this Summer!

1. Switch to a moisturising shampoo/conditioner

Whether the air is dry or humid, you'll want to give your hair a bit more moisture during the Summer time. If you're spending more time in and out of the pool, the beach or the shower, you might find that your hair is starting to get a bit dry from the excess water. Switching to a moisturising shampoo and conditioner can help keep some of that moisture in your strands between dips.

Some of our favourite are the Olaplex Shampoo & Conditioner range. Their bond maintenance shampoo & conditioner work to restore and hydrate hair

Olaplex Shampoo & Conditioner Range

Discover our full collection of moisturising shampoos and conditioners here.

2. UV/Heat protectant is a MUST

Just like your skin, hair can also get burnt in the sun without proper protection. If you're spending time outside in the sunshine (as you do on a nice Summer day) a product that has UV protectant can keep your hair from getting fried in the heat.

One of our favourite thermal shields is the Mermade Hair Mermade Mist 135ml. The thermal heat spray protects strands from heat styling, holds waves and curls, and creates shine like you won't believe.

Mermade Hair Mermade Mist

Discover our full collection of heat protectants here.

3. Masks and leave-ins are your friend

One of our favourite frizz-fighting tricks is the use of masks or leave-ins in your hair. For near-instant results in hydrating your hair, a hair mask is the way to go! Or if you're looking for something lightweight to retain that moisture in your strands, leave-in treatments like leave-in conditioners will be your best friend during Summer. Hair oils can also be a great leave-in to throw on at night, where it can soak into your hair while you sleep.

A favourite leave-in treatment of ours is the Pure Flourish Leave-In Treatment 200ml. It's lightweight formula is designed to revitalise coloured, dry and delicate hair. Just spray onto damp or dry hair and away you go!

Pure Flourish Leave-In Treatment
Shop the full range of leave-in treatments here.

4. Protect against colour-fade

It's also worth mentioning that the sun can lighten natural hair colour and can also lighten dyed hair. So if you have dyed hair, you may want to find a product that will protect against colour fade as well. 

There are a whole selection of shampoo and conditioners made specifically for preventing fade in coloured hair that are good to use to keep your colour vibrant between salon visits.

5. Take a break from the hot tools

It might seem obvious but taking a break from using hot tools on your hair might just save your locks from becoming dry and brittle at the end of the season. We're not saying to go cold-turkey on hot tools, but scaling back and using them only a couple times a week instead of daily can help reduce that frizz. Throwing it back in a slicked pony (one of our favourites to achieve that slick look is the De Lorenzo Allevi8 Quick Fix Magic Hair Tamer 15ml) or bun au naturel might just give your hair the break it needs.

De Lorenzo Allevi8 Quick Fix Magic Hair Tamer

And if all else fails...

If the frizz is still getting you down, you can always pop in to see our expert hair stylists in-store for advise on which products could be for you. Find your local Price Attack store on our store locator here.

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