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A Guide To Your Copper Dreams

Fabian Fuentes. AHIA 2023 Qld Hairdresser of the Year gives his 411 on home hairdressing, as we swoon over the latest in trend colours - it is the season of sunsets and copper.
But remember, all hair canvases are different and every hair experience should start with a professional consultation, feel free to pop into one of our Price Attack stores for professional advice on your hair.

Before You Start

Permanent Colour

You don't do things half hearted and you are ALL IN! 

  • Work on clean hair that has been shampooed in the last 24 hours, hair colour takes best to freshly washed hair.
  • A spritz of Porosity Equaliser will work a treat prior to colour application, for hair less prone to damage or breakage. 

Demi Permanent Colour: 

It is a new hair season but you're open to change on the horizon.

  • Make sure you apply your mix onto freshly shampooed, conditioned and towel dried hair, fresh hair will allow your colour to set in its purest form. 
  • Zero Lift is my go to for Toning and Glossing hair. 

I love following up all my colour with the AG Care Nourish Snow Mushroom Moisture Mask and a little K18 Oil, for ultimate protection and recovery. 


Time To Colour

You breathe brightness into everyone's life and are known for having, not only energy, but light about you. It is about time your hair reflected your uniqueness. 
You live and breathe Autumn and embody darkening leaves, colder mornings and the smell of cinnamon in the air. People can't decide if you are a breath of fresh air, or a sense of warmth. 
You are living in the wrong era, when people see you they think of Elvis memorabilia, Coca Cola vending machines and the legend of the mini skirt. You bring youth and vibrance to those around you and yes, a little flavour.
Sweet with a side of wild. You remind everyone of their wilder times but are still as sweet as butter with a sunny smile and impulsive nature they can't help but love.
Find your nearest salon for a hair consultation to obtain your perfect shade, or shop in-store for all your home hairdressing needs.
*All images are for illustrative purposes only and may not precisely reflect actual results. Developer needs will vary and is dependant on hair canvas.  For more information, please contact your local Price Attack Store. Price Attack is not responsible for outcomes from products applied outside our salons. Use our professional services in-salon for guaranteed results.
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