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AG Care - It’s a REFILLutionary

What if I told you, you could save money while helping the planet AND perfecting your haircare routine? Proudly made in Canada, and crafted at the source, AG’s commitment to environmental responsibility and product excellence not only creates sustainable haircare products – but products we can SAVE money purchasing.

That’s right. Whatever they say, it might actually benefit your wallet, to be a little more conscious of your packaging. Don’t believe us? Well honey, we have got the stats to prove it, just sit tight.


The 1 litre AG shampoo and conditioners allows us to fill up our regular sized bottles diverting plastic away from the landfills and providing us up to 45% savings.

73% less plastic.

62% less energy to produce.

So, a smaller footprint and fewer C02 emissions, without compromising your hair.

 Recycled Plastic Packaging

AG Care uses post-consumer regrind (PCR) across the entire classic collection shampoo and conditioner bottles. PCR is made from recycled materials, reducing the production of plastics from non-renewable petroleum products. 

Aluminium Packaging

In the plant-based essential collection you will see the sparkling, future-esque aluminium range – which can be recycled over and over. These are also in refillable pouches. It’s rust free, shower safe and oh so good for our hair and the environment. Mamma earth would be proud.

AG Care has propelled to popularity, particularly in the US for its curly girl, vegan and cruelty free approved recipes that give real, lasting results to our hair - after all it was founded by John Davis, a seasoned stylist, and Lotte Davis, a designer & entrepreneur.

Shop AG Care exclusive to Price Attack.

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Over 55 Stores Australia-wide

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