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Barbie Inspired Hairstyles Made Easy: Step by Step Guide

It’s the film of 2023 and there could be ONE reason for that, Margot Robbie!  The Aussie BOMBSHELL has brought us all back to the world of pink heels, pink dream houses, convertibles and most of all those – almost too good to be real – hairstyles. But what if we could get the Barbie look? Well, Price Attack has you covered with our official step by step guide how to create the Barbie-inspired locks!

You would have to be living under a rock - but if you haven't seen the movie trailer make sure to watch it here before we dive into how to get those ICONIC hairstyles. 

Create the Barbie-Inspired Blow Out 

Step One: Pump up the volume: Begin by giving your roots some serious oomph! Apply a spritz of volumizing mousse at the roots, like the fabulous L'Oreal Professionnel Tecni.ART Volume Lift Root Lifting Mousse, and scrunch upwards to create gravity-defying Barbie-inspired volume!

Step Two: Brush like a Doll: Time to brush up your blowout game! Grab your favourite blow dry brush - we've got two fabulous options for you: the Silver Bullet Hot Air Brush or the Mermade Hair Blow Dry Brush (because who doesn't love a touch of pink in their routine?).

Step Three: Heat protection, Barbie-inspired: Protect your luscious locks from the heat with a trusty heat protectant. Meet the PPS Cheat The Heat Thermal Protectant - your hair's knight in shining armor! It not only shields your tresses from heat damage but also keeps them nourished and looking oh-so-glamorous.

Step Four: Section like a pro: Let's divide and conquer. Use clips or ties to section your hair. Start with the bottom half, and secure the top half out of the way. Remember, smaller sections mean more control and picture-perfect results!

Step Five: Time to blow them away: Release a lower section and let the fun begin! With your blow dry brush, starting from the roots and working your way down. As you dry, let the pink magic flow!

Step Six: Flick it: When you reach the end of each stroke, twist and twirl the brush, creating a captivating flick at the ends! Hold that pose for ten to twenty seconds.

Step Seven: Time to set those locks in style: Pop each section into a Velcro roller, giving your hair the ultimate sass treatment. These rollers will help maintain that flawless shape as your hair cools down.

Step Eight: Roll, repeat, slay: Repeat the blow-drying and rolling process on all sections.

Step Nine: Unleash your curls: Remove the rollers, and for the ultimate finishing touch, spritz a little hairspray. Meet your hair's BFF, the AG Care Ultradynamics Extra Firm Finishing Spray, for long-lasting hold, humidity resistance, and a shine that's pure perfection!

Create the Barbie-Inspired Pony Tail

For a Barbie hairstyle tutorial we can't stop watching by @emmck using @AGCARE1989 products click here. Or follow our step by step guide:

Step One: Hair, prepped and slayin': Let's kick things off with clean, dry hair, darling! We're talking sleek and polished vibes, so make sure those tresses are fully dry and ready to work their magic!

Step Two: Heat shield, safety first: Time to protect and shine. Coat those roots with AG Care Firewall Argan Shine, the ultimate secret weapon for slicking back your mane like a boss. Not only will it keep your hair in line, but it'll also add a dazzling shine and say goodbye to any flyaways.

Step Three: The ponytail: Grab that brush, pull your hair back, securing it with a hair tie that matches your hair. Leave a section out for that killer side bang if you wish. 

Step Four: Smooth operator, no bumps allowed: It's time to banish any lumps or bumps, hun! Take that bristle brush and show those pesky flyaways who's boss. Your hair is about to become smoother than a ride in a pink convertible!

Step Five: Wrap it like a pro: Take a section of hair from the bottom and wrap it around that hair tie. Secure it with bobby pins or a hair tie underneath your fierce ponytail. Hello, high-fashion fabulousness!

Step Six: Lock it in! Give your sleek creation some extra staying power with a spritz of strong-hold hairspray. But remember, hold that bottle at a distance, avoid oversaturation!

Step Seven: Grab your blow out brush and blow through your bang, holding the ends of the hair wrapped in the brush for at least ten seconds to create that flick of a bang. 

Step Eight: Short hair? No problem! Amazing Hair has got you covered, literally! Explore their collection of synthetic or human hair pony extensions for that touch of long, luscious sass. You're gonna turn heads!

Create Barbie-Like Curls

Step One: Fresh and clean: Kick it off with shampooed and conditioned hair.

Step Two: Mousse it up: Pump up the volume with two pumps of AG Care Foam Weightless Volumizer. Comb it through your hair, bigger is always better in the world of fabulous curls!

Step Three: Primer for that shine: Coat those mid to ends with Mermade's Hair Styling Primer. Generously comb it through, ensuring every strand gets the royal treatment.

Step Four: Blow it like a pro: Grab your blow dryer and a large round barrel brush and brush out those strands from root to end to keep the volume, and create a smooth canvas.

Step Five: Curl like a queen: Now, it's time for the main event - curls that will make heads turn! Once your hair is completely dry, section by section, take a small section, start from the lower parts and work your way up. Wrap it around your curling wand, or embrace the magic of Mermade Hair Spin Curler for effortless curls, or for those mermaid vibes, dive into the Mermade Hair Pro Waver. Hold each curl for a fabulous ten seconds before moving on to the next. Patience, honey.

Step Six: Play with curl direction: Shake things up by alternating the direction of your curls.

Step Seven: Repeat: Don't forget the back! Keep on curling, section by section, until your entire head is a cascade of fabulousness.

Step Eight: Cool down: Once you've conquered the curls, let those curls cool down so the curl pattern lasts longer.

Step Nine: After the curls have cooled for at least five minutes, it's time to massage those roots in a circular motion and run your fingers through your hair.

Step Ten: Grab that strong hold hairspray, like the AG Care Ultradynamics Extra Firm Finishing Spray, and spritz it like there's no tomorrow. You're ready to hit the dance floor and let those curls shine all night long. 

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