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The 5 Best Masks and Treatments

The temperature's dropping, and you might be wondering what to do when your hair starts feeling a bit rougher, flatter, rebellious, or starts splitting at the ends.

Your hairdresser suggests investing in masks and hair treatments, but is it really worth it?

Well, we've done our research! Here are the main reasons why hairdressers recommend investing in masks and treatments: they prevent dryness, brittleness, and split ends; they help with hair growth by promoting scalp circulation; they protect against environmental damage and prevent colour fading.

Here are the masks we can't get enough of, and ones our customers reckon are pretty top-notch. Check them out for yourselves!


AG Care Sterling Silver Intense Toning Mask

For blondes, the AG Care Sterling Silver Intense Toning Mask 148ml eliminates brassy tones and adds softness to chemically damaged or bleached hair. Longer between salon visits - yes please. 


 AG Care Nourish Snow Mushroom Moisture Mask

For intense hydration you don't have to go much further than AG Care Nourish Snow Mushroom Moisture Mask 148ml boasting a 5 star review rating, within which one customer simply reviewed as their "fave" and another "one of the best so far." 


Juuce 1 Minute Treatment 

An intense treatment that reinvigorates and reconnects split hair fibres in a one minute treatment. Add treatments to your weekly wash cycle without committing hours - while getting the same incredible results with Juuce 1 minute Repair Treatment. 


PPS Aroma D Fuse D Stress Mask

Calm and revitalise stressed hair with a mask that won't break the bank. Silky smooth hair, without a premium tax. Plus, we love anything in pink and the PPS Aroma D Fuse D Stress Mask 250ml looks great in any bathroom. 


Daily Naturals Clean Beauty Moisture Mask

If you are looking for a deep condition and hydrate, our Moisture Mask is perfect for those with dry or damaged hair, and as one customer noted - perfect if you've had too many chlorine dips and need a shine refresher. And if you haven't heard of Daily Naturals, they are deeply passionate about creating the highest quality, clean yet attainable hair care and beauty products. Products that are void of extras, additives or unnecessary stuff. 


Don't take it from us! Take it from the people that actually use the products, and see which mask is your new best friend. Didn't see a mask you love? Well you're in luck, we have some of the best masks around town at Price Attack. 



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Over 55 Stores Australia-wide

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