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Black Friday Extended | What is in our cart

The final call for Black Friday is on us. If you haven't checked out the cart... your time is running out. If you are searching for last minute ideas against the racing clock - we got you! Check out what the Price Attack team have in their cart. 

Fabian Fuentes | Head of Education and AHIA QLD Hairdresser of the Year 2023 

The perfect excuse for a night in. Restore moisture, build collagen and add elasticity, leaving damaged hair feeling softer, shinier, and smoother. 

Overused the hairspray or texture spray at the weekend? No problem! Gently cleanse the hair and scalp while moisturising your hair. Goodbye day old hairspray, hello a shinier you. 

If your hair has a tangled vendetta against you, enjoy a conditioner that will smooth, detangle and seal in moisture. 

Touch up your hair while effortlessly brushing through - and you were going to brush anyway! Featuring temperature control, strong grip bristles and infused with moisture locking minerals for stronger, shinier, smoother hair. Talk about efficiency!

Katherine Kaukov | Assistant Category Manager 

Tired of toning between salon visits? Can relate. Get rid of that brassiness and neutralise without needing toner in between salon visits. 

Blonde hair can get weak fast! This formula is a win because it strengthens blonde hair while removing yellow tones. Meaning less split ends and a lighter finish. 

Tangled hair is a no, specifically when your hair is fine enough to find itself in constant knots. This mist is designed to detangle while hydrating and protecting the hair from structural wear and tear - the kind that happens from chugging a brush through unruly knots. 

Deep conditioning mask that absorbs up to 500 times its weight in water. Yes 500 times - think of the hydration! Silicone-free with over 98% plant-based and naturally-derived ingredients, this is a clean beauty secret! 

Fernanda Vieira | Accountant

If volume is your friend, this is a shampoo we cannot get enough of. Juuce Full Volume thickens fine, limp hair to boost volume, body and shine while strengthening and protecting.

Everyone needs a little more bounce in their life and we are not talking about the next trendy exercise class. This conditioner enhances body & bounce for fine hair while strengthening & protecting - and you don't need to wear leggings for it to work. 

Nothing worse when your newly heated curls won't stay, or when your hair just falls flat every chance it gets. This styling cream gives you a fibrous cream to start making waves (and holding them).

Argan oil is hot in the haircare industry for all the right reasons, and oil is a must for anyone who wants to add softness and shine to their hair routine. The best thing about this oil - no grease and it won't discolour blonde hair! 

Brigita Dubicka | eCommerce & Digital Assistant

If your scalp can be a little sensitive to new haircare this is a product you do not have to worry about. This cleanser is super mild and perfect for delicate scalps.  

Fragrance-free and as gentle as the cleanser, this conditioner is also designed to revitalise fragile hair without giving your scalp any grief. Gentle and powerful, the best of both worlds. 

Who says you can't get things done in your sleep? This leave-in serum is  designed to deeply nourish and restore hair moisture while you sleep. Best of all it works for all hair types. 

Tired of the kink the clip on your curling wand creates? Well, this clip-free curling wand speedily delivers exceptionally smooth, shiny curls and waves - and no clip kinks in sight! 

Michelle Fortunaso | Product Support Coordinator 

The one thing you want to be dramatic is your haircare results - that is exactly why Olaplex is a top choice. A weekly at home treatment that reduces breakage and visible strengthens your hair. Structural repair that works from within - yes please.

Feeling brittle or dehydrated? Imagine how your hair feels! This little travel sized nugget will have you replenishing and repairing your damaged hair on the go. 

The perfect match to the PPS Silk Hydrant Shampoo, this creamy formula repairs and adds moisture to stressed hair. No it won't do your presentation for you, but at least your hair will look care-free. 

Small but extremely lightweight, and engineered with one of the most expensive and advanced motors in the market. No it isn't a car, it's your next favourite blow-dryer (and it will be for a long time). This dryer lasts 10x longer than traditional hair dryers due to the quality of its materials. It's practically an investment.


See in-store or online now. But, hurry - only one day left of our Black Friday Sale!

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Over 55 Stores Australia-wide

Free delivery on orders over $107*

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