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Celebrating Haircare Brands Founded by Women

Haircare is an important part of our daily routine. We all want healthy, shiny and beautiful hair, but the search for the perfect haircare product can be daunting. It's time to give a shout-out to the inspiring women who have created exceptional haircare products that have changed the game. These women had a vision and the drive to create exceptional haircare products that are loved and trusted by many.


Founded - Mary Centofanti

Let's start with Davroe, founded by Mary Centofanti. Mary's passion and commitment to delivering premium quality haircare products has been at the forefront of the brand for over 35 years. Her focus on bringing gentle and trusted products to customers is still as focused today as it was when she started on her journey.

Centofanti says "As a constantly evolving and adapting company we are excited to continue to bring new and innovative products to the market. We are extremely proud to be a family owned business that formulates and manufacturers our own products in our laboratory in Australia. We continue to strive for excellence and love to see our products enjoyed by consumers all over the world.” 

Founded by Women Davroe

AG Hair

Co-Founded - Lotte Davis

Another brand worth mentioning is AG Hair, co-founded in 1989 by Lotte Davis and her husband, John. They combined John's expertise in hairdressing and product performance with Lotte's skills in retail merchandising and design. Together, they have created a brand that outperforms the competition. “We learned as we went, and we sure learned how to solve problems,” Davis says. “When we discovered the vast majority of haircare products are thickened with common table salt, we were motivated to find a better way."

AG Hair

MIMI Haircare for Kids

Founded - Emma Mackenzie

Emma Mackenzie, founder of MIMI Haircare for Kids, was on a mission to make haircare better for kids and less stressful for parents. She worked with leading cosmetic formulators in Australia to develop a range of 100% natural with no nasties haircare products that are safe and easy for kids to use. 

MIMI Haircare for Kids

Pump Haircare & Pump Kurly Kidz

Founded - Natasha Jay

Pump Haircare & Pump Kurly Kidz founder Natasha Jay spent a year working with formulators to create an Australian-made, plant and botanical-based haircare range that actually works without the nasty ingredients. The company is also environmentally conscious, using sugarcane tubes and post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

Pump Haircare

Ugly Swan

Founded - Marissa McLoughin & Annette Short

Marissa McLoughin and Annette Short, co-founders of Ugly Swan, gave up their full-time careers to design a range of Scream-Free Brushes that would actually follow through on their promise and help families win the war on hair. They created these brushes to help their daughters who had sensory issues when it came to brushing their hair. Ugly Swan was founded to help families Win The War On Hair!

Ugly Swan


Founded - Tracey Bazzano Lauretta

Last but certainly not least, EVY PROFESSIONAL founded by Tracey Bazzano Lauretta created a brand with the culmination of decades of experience, expertise and a true passion for beautiful, healthy hair. EVY PROFESSIONAL delivers technologically advanced hair tools and products that promote hair health while styling. Each product delivers hydration to promote beautifully healthy hair.

Founded by Women EVY


These inspiring women have changed the haircare industry with their exceptional products. They have shown that with passion, drive, and hard work, anything is possible. Let's celebrate these amazing women and their brands by supporting them and their products. Shop the full range of Founded by Women Haircare here

Founded by Women

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