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How to Prevent Colour Fade with Nak Colour Fix

You’ve had your hair coloured, you rock it for about 2 weeks and then…it starts to fade! Sadly, colour fade can’t be avoided. Sun, heat styling and washing your hair all contribute to diluting the colour pigments. But there are a few things you can do to help overcome colour fade. 

Nak Haircare | Price Attack

Firstly, if you want a good colour that lasts, you need to start with a good foundation. Colouring your hair if it’s dry or fragile with a rough texture is a no-no. Generally speaking hair that is in poor condition is super absorbent, meaning your cuticles are open and colour just won’t stick. Close those cuticles for long-lasting colour and shine with a high protein treatment. 

Ask your salon stylist or colourist about colour preparation before your appointment. 

Improve hair strength at home with NAK Ultimate Treatment - 60 Second Repair. Designed to return balance to hair structure and rejuvenate rough, porous hair in 60 seconds. Enriched with hydrolysed rice protein it’s the ultimate pre-colour treatment. 

Nak Haircare Ultimate Potion | Price Attack

With an improved foundation, how else can you protect against colour fade?

When you’re outside wear a hat to protect your colour from UV, and in addition use a leave-in treatment with UV protection like NAK Ultimate Potion. A light styling serum Ultimate Potion also shields against heat and keeps hair hydrated.

Also, take care of your colour with NAK Colour Fix. A leave-in colour locking treatment, Colour Fix protects your hair cuticles from further damage and locks in colour pigment to minimise colour fade. 

Nak Haircare Colour Fix | Price Attack

Enriched with Nak’s own Vegan Complex of Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Hydrolysed Rice Protein and Pear Extract, Colour Fix improves pH balance after colouring. Helping to  restore moisture and instantly smooth hair to reduce flyaways and add shine. 

Sulphate and paraben free, Colour Fix is easy to use, just turn the cap to activate the two-phase formula, shake well, and apply evenly to clean, towel-dried hair. No need to rinse.

How to prevent colour fade with Nak Hair | Price Attack

Nak Colour Fix Normal is designed for all colour treated hair. Nak Colour Fix Blonde Plus is for blonde, highlighted or chemically lightened hair, with extra toning to neutralise excessive yellow, brassy tones. 

Shop Nak online or at your local Price Attack store.

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