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The Haircare Trending on TikTok

What makes TikTok truly remarkable is its vibrant community of millions, eager to experiment, review, and share their genuine impressions. Yet, among these countless interactions, some brands stand out—not only meeting the challenge but soaring beyond expectations with exceptional vibrancy

In 2024, scalp care has taken the spotlight, with TikTok's latest focus on Ori Lab's Refresh Scalp and Body Scrub. This advanced exfoliator effectively eliminates product residue, impurities, and rebalances both scalp and skin while nourishing hair strands with essential hydration.

Juuce may have flown under your radar until now, but it's quickly becoming a household name. This up-and-coming brand has revamped its image and unveiled products that rival even luxury brands. Case in point: Juuce Bond Repair Shampoo & Conditioner. Offering a blend of clean beauty, bond-building technology, and luxurious results, this duo delivers premium quality without the hefty price tag, setting a new standard for beauty enthusiasts everywhere.

Juuce are also known for their exceptional colour care range, check it out here.

Hair growth products flood TikTok, but how many boast scientific validation? Enter Pump Haircare Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner—a standout with proven science behind it. Crafted in Australia, this dynamic duo features Pump's proprietary BioGro™ formula, enriched with Niacinamide. This essential ingredient not only aids in DNA repair but also stimulates hair growth, delivering results you can trust and flaunt.

Hot Tip: Leave it in for a few minutes, for optimum absorption of the active botanical ingredients.

For another trending Pump Haircare product, check out their Curly Girl range here.

The K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil has taken TikTok by storm, thanks to its scientifically backed formula designed to repair molecular-level damage in hair. This revolutionary oil not only smooths the cuticle but also softens hair texture without adding weight, making it a favourite among users seeking healthier, more manageable hair.

For another trending K18 product that has been sweeping the scene for some time, check out the benefits of the K18 Leave-in Molecular Repair Hair Mask 5ml, where just $15 can repair the most extreme hair damage. 

Silk sleep caps aren't just stylish; they also play a crucial role in preventing hair breakage and maintaining knot-free, frizz-free hair. Among them, the Pump Haircare Mulberry Silk Sleep Cap in Black is gaining immense popularity on TikTok for all the right reasons.

Finally, a brand that's making waves in the haircare world is Shark Beauty. Emerging seemingly out of nowhere, it has captivated audiences with a multi-use tool that's impossible to look away from. The Shark FlexStyle Air Styling & Drying System HD440S not only matches but exceeds the performance and styling capabilities of tools twice its price. This remarkable product has rightfully earned its place on the TikTok podium and in the bathrooms of many.

But, if it's price tag is still causing concern check out it's full range of Shark Beauty options for your perfect match. 

 For more of the trends you don't want to miss, shop in-store or online at Price Attack.

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Over 55 Stores Australia-wide

Free delivery on orders over $107*

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