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Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet Nose & Ear Trimmer

Silver Bullet Nose & Ear Trimmer

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Silver Bullet Nose & Ear Trimmer is a quick and safe personal grooming experience when trimming ear and nose hair. The Silver Bullet Nose Trimmer uses a rotary cutting system which quickly and effectively trims hair. Exceptionally easy to handle due to the sleek design plus it’s more convenient and safer than using scissors or tweezers.


  • Cordless, battery operated trimmer
  • Operates on 1 ‘AA’ battery (not included)
  • Circular cutting blades trims hair close and is safer than scissors
  • Protective cap keeps blades safe for travel and storage
  • Easy grip switch
  • Sleek design

How to Use

Turn the trimmer on and carefully insert the tip into your nostril or ear hole to trim the nose or ear hairs. Clean the trimmer after each use.

Important: Always oil the blades before using to optimise performance.

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