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Mermade Hair

Mermade Hair Style Wand Clampless Curling Tong Attachment 19mm

Mermade Hair Style Wand Clampless Curling Tong Attachment 19mm

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Mermade Hair Style Wand Clampless Curling Tong Attachment 19mm creates playful ringlets and spirals. Channel your inner Shirley Temple and create tight locks that last. Curling is easy with the clampless design – all you have to do is wrap and style.

Works well with straight, wavy & curly hair types and hair texture that's thin, medium, thick, coarse & frizzy. 


  • 19mm barrel – for super tight bouncy curls
  • Exclusive design – works with Mermade Style Wand
  • Clampless – manually wrap hair around barrel for easy styling
    Cool tips – for easy handling and styling
  • Advanced ceramic – high-grade ionic ceramic protects your hair from unnecessary damage
  • Advanced heat technology – heats up super quick
  • Two (2) Year Warranty + Quality Check Guarantee – your purchase is protected with our Two (2) Year Warranty

*Style Wand and other attachments sold separately

How to Use

Step 1. Hair should be clean, dry and free of tangles before using. Plug the attachment into the base and rest the iron on the heat mat provided.

Step 2. Long hold the power button to turn on or off. Short hold the power button to increase or decrease the heat. The lights will flash as the tool is heating up to the desired heat. For healthier styling we suggest using 180°C/360°F heat setting. The lights will flash until it reaches the desired temperature.

Step 3. Start by dividing hair into sections with our Grip Clips. Spray each section liberally with a heat protectant, like our Mermade Mist. Wrap the hair around the barrel and hold for 2-5 seconds. We recommend wrapping hair away from your head to create a nice frame around the face. Be careful not to touch the scalp with the tool.

Step 4. Once you have finished curling, make sure the hair has completely cooled down before touching to allow it time to set. You can brush out the curls to loosen them up. Finish by using an extra spray of Mermade Mist for hold and shine, or a flexible workable spray for more hold.

Step 5. To turn off, press and hold down the power off button until the light turns off. For your safety, the tool will auto shut-off after 60 minutes. Allow tool to cool down completely before stowing away.

Tip: Wipe down with a damp cloth whenever there is product build-up. Make sure tool is unplugged and completely cooled.

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