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Pump Kurly Kidz

Pump Kurly Kidz Hair Towel

Pump Kurly Kidz Hair Towel

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Pump Kurly Kidz Hair Towel makes drying your kid's hair after bath or shower time quicker and easier. 


  • Quicker drying time
  • Made specifically for kids

How to Use

Tip head upside down and position the button end at the base of the hairline/neck. Tuck hair strands in the towel and twist the front section into a spiral and flip it to the back, joining the elastic loop with the button.

Tip: Apply Pump Kurly Kidz Kiwi Infused Curl Jelly and plop curls up in the hair towel for several minutes to help with absorption and adding moisture.

Wash Instructions: Machine wash in cold water only. Do not use fabric softener and air dry only.

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