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Robert de Soto

Robert de Soto Streaking Cap Neutral

Robert de Soto Streaking Cap Neutral

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Robert de Soto Streaking Cap Neutral is ideal for salon or home use when highlighting hair. Includes a hook to pull hair through easily and purple trim border. Ideal for streaking, frosting and colouring this cap fits all sizes, is bleed proof and reusable.


  • Stainless-steel hook included
  • Reusable cap
  • Bleed-proof
  • Fits all sizes

How to Use

Brush hair to remove any knots. Part hair down the center, place cap onto your head and tie the blue strings under your chin. With the steel hook carefully start pulling hair through the holes. You can pull hair through every hole or you can focus on certain sections depending on the desired look. Apply product over cap. After the colour process remove cap and clean any excess product with water. Allow to dry. Designed to be reused.

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