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3 Reasons Why You Should Supersize Your Hair Care

We’ve done the research and the results are in. Discover three reasons why it’s better to upsize your shampoo and conditioner to supersized bottles.

Whether you lather up and shampoo every day and love a generous squirt of conditioner, or only wash your hair two to four days a week and love a dry shampoo, hair care is a personal choice. Still we all need to shampoo our hair to remove dirt and oil, and condition and moisturise it for that soft silky salon look.

Price Attack | Big bottles of shampoo and conditioner

1. The Savings!

Did someone say sale, and who doesn’t love a good sale! Especially when it’s on your favourite brands and products. But not only will you save money, you’ll save time! No Saturday mornings fighting for a carpark or finding time to shop between work and maintaining a busy social life. It’s a win/ win really – save money and time!

2. Stress Less!

You’re in the shower, you’ve had a long day and you’re about to wash your hair. Guess what? The kids have used all your expensive shampoo again – gahhh! Avoid the stress of running out of your favourite shampoo and buy big bottles the whole family will love to use, and they'll never want to use your expensive shampoo and conditioner again. Big bottles offer big value and peace of mind.

3. It’s eco-friendly!

Rule of thumb - buy big when you know you will use something often. Big bottles mean less packaging which equals less waste. If we all switched to supersized shampoos and conditioners we could save tens of millions of tonnes of garbage going to landfill.

Price Attack | Big bottles of shampoo and conditioner
So there you have it, three reasons why you should upsize to big bottles of  shampoo and conditioner! 


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