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3 Simple Back to School Hairstyles

It's that other time of year again! The time of year where reality hits us right in the face. The holiday "not knowing what day it is" vibes are long gone and routine, work and back to school preparations have begun! 

Some of the hardest decisions to be made are what hairstyle to wear to school!  We've picked our top three for our back-to-school youngster hairstyles, that can also be cool for teenagers, tweenagers and even adults! Fun, simple and easy - exactly what we want in that early morning madness! P.S even dads can do these ones!

pig tails with bow

Classic Pig Tails with a Twist

Who doesn't love a pig tail? It's the ultimate cute but easy hairstyle for any parents or individual to achieve! We love the idea of classic pig tails with a twist. 
1. Part the hair down the centre or to the side (pigtails will work with both).
2. Separate the hair into two even halves and secure each section with an elastic (you can choose which height you prefer).
3. Now take a small piece of hair from each pigtail and wrap it around the elastic before securing with a bobby pin. Try securing the pin underneath the pigtail to hide it.
4. Alternatively you could add a bow clip or hair tie to jazz up the classic pig tail.

half up half down pig tails

Half Up Half Down Pig Tails

Another super easy option is the half up half down pig tails! Cute, fun, fresh and perfect for school! 
1. Part the hair down the centre or to the side.
2. Using a tail comb (or bobby pin) section front portions of hair from each side dragging hair from where it meets the ear to the crown of the head and secure in desired place with elastic.
3. Repeat this step on both sides.
4. You can choose to leave as is or add in a cute accessory.

space buns

Half Up Half Down Space Buns

This do is perfect if you want to take your half up half down pigtails to the next level! The super cute and fun space bun style is a total vibe at the moment and takes a relatively normal hairstyle to something funky and cool!
1. If starting from scratch, follow the same steps as the half up half down pig tails and then start on the next step.
2. Twist the pigtail and wrap it around the elastic to create a cute bun and then secure with another elastic.
3. You can keep the buns neat, make them messy or add an accessory.

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