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5 Easy Hair Hacks for a Quick Morning Exit

Do you dream of a fuss-free morning? One where the kids get themselves up and dressed, the dog doesn’t puke on the floor and there’s actually more than 5 minutes to do your hair and make-up before hitting the peak hour traffic?

We’ve put together 5 quick and easy hair hacks that’ll make you look like you’ve had a cruisy, hassle free morning, and get you out the door on time. 

  1. No knots

Don’t spend time raking out bed hair in a morning, instead prevent knotty hair by using a detangler. Hair detanglers are designed to coat the hair, evening out rough and jagged hair fibres so they’re smooth and static free. Use Juuce Knot Knotty to smooth, add shine and condition your hair. Just spray on damp hair, comb through and style as usual. 

  1. Skip the bubbles

The ultimate way to cheat the morning routine! Made with starch or silica powder, dry shampoo works to absorb natural oil from hair for second day wear. A good clarifying dry shampoo won’t weigh down your hair but add oomph. Juuce Dirty Deeds will leave your hair smelling fresh and clean without water. 

Juuce Dirty Deeds Dry Shanpoo | Price Attack

  1. Octopus Bun

Forget second day hair, what about third day hair! The octopus bun is the champion of the quick morning getaway list. If Meghan Markle can rock this take on the messy bun then so too can you! Here’s how. 

  1. Flip head upside down and use your fingers to rake hair into a high ponytail.
  2. Spin hair round the base of the ponytail, continuing until there’s a tail.
  3. Secure top knot with a few bobby pins, or hair scrunchie, leaving tail ends free. Fluff ends and pull a few strands haphazardly to create tentacles. Wisp a few pieces of hair to frame your face.
  1. Quick Curls

Take a more casual approach with your curling wand, and only take random strands of hair from the top layers of your hair. Switch around the direction of the curls and the section sizes for haphazard natural looking curls. Finish with Juuce Argan Shimmer spray to control flyaways with a soft hold. 

Juuce Argan Shimmer Spray | Price Attack

  1. Do your hair the night before

Do you remember when you were a little, sleeping in braids and waking up with bouncy waves? Revisit your childhood and do your hair the night before. All you need to do upon waking is to take out your braids and comb with a wide tooth comb. Create a little extra body at the roots, apply Juuce Sculpt Lotion to damp hair before braiding. 

Simplify your morning routine with these quick and easy hair hacks to get out the door quicker, looking unhurried. You may even get to drink your morning cuppa! 

Juuce Sculpt Lotion | Price Attack

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