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5 Easy Updos for the Working Week

It’s 6 o’clock and the shrill sound of the alarm interrupts your dream – beep beep beep… Hit snooze and a doze a little longer, we’ll have you work ready in no time with these 5 quick and easy updo hairstyles you can wear any day of the working week.

1. French Twist

Or a chignon banane as the French would say. An updo from 19th century high fashion, the French Twist has made its way to the boardroom. To create a banana bun simply gather your hair at the nape of your neck in one hand and twist it up, turning it on itself against your head then secure with a bobby pin. Et voila!

2. Plaited Bun

This easy work hairstyle updo is two simple hairstyles rolled into one - a plaited ponytail and a hair bun. Simps! A tip, if you’re working with clean hair, add grit with Davroe Texture Clay before styling.
5 Easy Updos for the Working Week | Price Attack

You can either secure your hair into a high ponytail then plait it before twisting it around to create a ballerina bun or gather your hair at your nape and plait it before twisting into a low bun before pinning into place. For a textured finish tease out the plait before twisting into a bun. 

3. Low Bun

Upgrade an uncouth messy bun with a low elegant bun that incites an air of diplomacy – think classic librarian simplicity, feminine with a hint of formality. A low bun looks great on all hair types, and better still you can fashion it on either clean hair or second day hair. Control frizz and flyaways, and add shine with De Lorenzo Elements Fire Afterglow

4. Bubble Pony

Pull up the covers and stay in bed a little longer, the bubble ponytail is the easiest of easy updos for work. Add this simple ponytail with a twist to your hairstyle rotation. It’s stylish yet simple, you’ll love it!

5 Easy Updos for the Working Week | Price Attack

To create a bubble pony, just tie hair up into a ponytail and then every 5cm or so down the ponytail tie another elastic, continuing until you reach the end. Pinch out hair to “fill” bubbles. That’s it! Keep it simple, or jazz it up with some ribbon at the start of each bubble or use scrunchies.

5. Headband Updo

You know those mornings when you’re getting ready for work and you should have really washed your hair the night before but didn’t and now there’s no time and your hair is looking its absolute worst? Let us introduce you to an updo hairstyle for work that’s perfect for this very scenario, we call it the 2-minute headband updo. All you need is a stretchy headband and some dry shampoo.  


So, there you have it, 5 easy updo hairstyles for the working week. Simply add these, a ponytail or two and a Dutch braid to your repertoire and Monday morning will look brighter than ever!

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