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5 Essential Back to School Hair Care Tips

Never fear parents, back to school is almost here! Although if you’re like me, sending the kids back to school after the summer break is tough; there’s booklists to fill, haircuts to get, the double Dutch braid into a French braid to learn, and let’s not mention school lunches! 

Whilst there are still plenty of days left to enjoy the summer break, back to school is imminent, and while I can’t help you with booklists and school lunches, we can help you with these 5 essential back to school hair care tips.


Essential oils like peppermint have been used to treat head lice for eons, and we know prevention is key! So let me tell you a little secret; the scent from peppermint oil-based shampoos act as a lice repellent. You see head lice have a very keen sense of smell, they can smell your human-ness from a mile away. The essential oil in peppermint shampoo masks your human smell, and even if a pesky little louse jumps on board, chances are the scent will see it off.

Juuce Peppermint Shampoo and Conditioner | Price Attack

You can’t go past Juuce Peppermint Shampoo and Conditioner, made from natural botanicals to care for your children's hair. 

Note: The repellent theory is the same for coconut, lavender or tea tree essential oil-based shampoos. Or add a few drops of oil into your regular shampoo. 


Jump on the braid train and learn how to French braid. Plaits and braids reduce the opportunity for head lice to sniff you out and catch to hair.

  1. Take a section of hair from where you want the braid to start, and section it in to three equal pieces.
  2. Take the left piece and cross it over the middle piece. The middle piece now becomes the left piece, and the left piece becomes the middle.
  3. Now take the right piece and cross it over the middle piece. The right piece becomes the middle, and the middle becomes the right piece.
  4. Place the left piece down and add more hair, then cross it over the middle piece. Again, the middle piece becomes the left, and the left becomes the middle.
  5. Place the right piece down and add more hair, then cross it over the middle piece; and the middle becomes the right and the right becomes the middle.
  6. Continue steps 4 and 5 until you run out of hair, then finish with a ponytail or continue plaiting the length of hair and tie off. 

Back to School Hair Styles | Price Attack

Once you’ve mastered the French braid, you’ll be ready to tackle any of the braids we’ve pinned on our Updos, Ponys & Braids Pinterest board.


How is it that kids can get their hair in a knotted tangled mess! Avoid the daily hair brushing tears with a hairbrush designed especially for dealing with the very matted mess.

A detangling hairbrush won’t tug or pull hair, making it pain-free. It’s gentle on hair and lowers the risk of hair loss and split ends. And the best bit – brushing time is cut shorter because a detangling brush is so much more effective on knotty hair – after all that’s its sole purpose.

Tangle Teezer Back to School Supplies | Price Attack

The original and best detangling hairbrush is the award winning Tangle Teezer Original, it’s the ultimate detangling brush with minimum fuss.


Accessorises can make any outfit. Take school uniforms from boring to bodacious with hair accessories that match! Where on Earth range of hair accessories feature metal free hair ties, snap clips with no sharp edges, headbands, ribbon bows, sports bands and more. Plus they’re available all in the range of colours that blend with school uniforms and house colours.

Where on Earth School Hair Accessories | Price Attack

Shop Where on Earth School Hair Accessories and back to school hair care online or find a larger range of back to school hair care in-store.


Kids are so much more on trend these days, and whether your littlie is heading off to kindy for the first time, or your older child wants to switch up their look as they enter high school, Price Attack hairdressers and salon professionals can help provide the perfect haircut to go back to school. Because no matter how old you are, the easiest way to get a new look is with a hair cut.

Price Attack hairdressers and salon professionals | Price Attack

Visit our Price Attack Store Locator to find your local store and book the kids in for a haircut today.

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