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A Guide to the Best Hair Treatments

Hair treatments, are they fact or fiction? Do hair treatments really work, or are they just sleek worded promises? We break down a variety of different hair treatments and give you everything you need to know in our guide to hair treatments.

As always let’s start with the basics, and science because hair products are a form of technology created based on research. Hair, and we're talking the humankind, is all essentially the same – made up of keratin, a protein that comes from the food you eat. See, you really are what you eat!

Each strand of hair has three layers; the outer protective layer (cuticle), the middle with all the protein (cortex) and the core (medulla). The protective layer is what makes hair look smooth and shiny, this is the layer you want to take care of.

Washing, styling, colouring, the weather and even your lifestyle, can all chip away at the cuticle, and when the cuticle isn’t able to do what it’s supposed to do, ie. protect the cortex, that’s when your hair becomes frizzy, brittle, weak and you start to see split ends.

Shampoo and conditioner aside, sometimes you need a little extra help to take care of your hair or an extra shot of hydration, and that’s where hair treatments come in.

With so many hair treatment products on the shelf, understanding their differences can help you decide which ones are best for your hair concerns. Firstly, hair treatment will either coat your hair and protect the cuticle or go through the cuticle to provide nourishment.


Do you use heat styling tools every day? Then your hair may be susceptible to heat damage. Heat damage is irreversible, so first and foremost always use a heat protectant, and treat your hair to a shot of keratin. Heat tends to break up protein, so a hair treatment rich in keratin will help fight and protect against heat damage.

WE LOVE | AG Hair Keratin Repair Reconstruct Mask

AG Hair Keratin Repair Reconstruct Mask | Price Attack

Hair treatment masks work to deep condition hair, penetrating the cuticle for maximum hydration.


If your hair lacks lustre, then you’re after a hair treatment that will give back shine to your cuticles. Perms and chemical styling relax the cuticle to alter the cortex, but with the right hair treatment, you can keep your hair glossy. Cure dull hair with an oil-based treatment.  

WE LOVE | Davroe Wellbeing Treatment Argan Oil with jojoba

Davroe Wellbeing Treatment Argan Oil | Price Attack

When choosing a leave-in treatment pick one that’s lightweight, particularly if you have fine hair.


Colouring your hair can give you a fresh new look every season, however, it can take a toll on your tresses. When you colour hair, the cuticles are pierced to deposit colour into the cortex. Take care of your hair between touch-ups with a hair treatment designed to strengthen.

WE LOVE | Juuce Shock Treatment

Juuce Shock Treatment | Price Attack

Choose a treatment you can easily add to your hair care routine. With Juuce Shock Treatment, you simply use it one or two times a week instead of regular conditioner.


Curly hair can have its own set of problems, the most common frizz! Caring for curly hair needn’t be a lengthy process, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…and 4 deep condition (see our blog Taming The Curl). Regular deep conditioning curly hair smooths and protects, making curly hair less prone to frizz.

WE LOVE | Matrix Biolage HydraSource Conditioning Balm

Matrix Biolage HydraSource Conditioning Balm | Price Attack

Hair treatment balms reach deep into the cortex to restore moisture levels. A balm is similar to a mask except it’s applied to the ends of your hair rather than the scalp.


When you chemically lighten your hair, the outer and middle layers of the hair shaft are broken down to strip the hair’s natural colour, dissolving colour pigments. Altering the hair shaft this way breaks down the hair fibre resulting in loss of elasticity and porosity. As we know hair isn’t living tissue, so when hair fibres are damaged, they won’t heal. Rebuild hair with a deep treatment designed to fuse together hair fibres and strengthen your strands.

WE LOVE | Nak Structure Complex – Bond Enhancer

Nak Structure Complex - Bond Enhancer | Price Attack

Use in conjunction with a toning treatment to refresh your blonde and neutralise brassiness.

WE LOVE | Muk Blonde Muk Toning Treatment

Muk Blonde Muk Toning Treatment | Price Attack

Styling treatments, those designed to defend against humidity, protect against heat styling tools and UV rays, detangle, tame flyaways and lock-in colour, are designed to coat the hair cuticles to improve softness and manageability.

For strong beautiful hair, take the time to visit your local Price Attack store and chat with a professional who can assess the condition of your hair and recommend a treatment specifically to meet your hair’s needs.

View all our hair treatment products online and get them delivered to you! Price Attack offers free shipping within Australia for all orders over $75.

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