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Autumn 2019 Hairstyle Trends - Messy Wavy Hair

And all at once summer collapsed into autumn…so long sweaty neck hair and humidity induced frizz and hello red copper tones and crisp mornings. We shine the light on autumn’s messy waves hairstyle trends. Steer away from polished and sleek to a more effortless, lived-in look. 

Forget the straightening iron and take inspiration from our curly-girlfriends, just scrunch and crunch! Although messy waves are more texture than curl - think polished bed-head, anyone can achieve this autumn’s wavy hair look - whatever their hair length. 

We share with you three easy ways to create effortless, natural looking wavy hairstyles that are flickable and can be worn anytime of day. 

Autumn 2019 Hairstyle Trends - Messy Wavy Hair | Price Attack

Air Dry Waves 

What You Need

  • Styling Gel or Curl Crème
  • Styling Oil
  • Texture Spray 

Apply a styling gel or curl crème evenly to damp hair, then scrunch hair with your hands focusing on the roots for lift and the ends for body - this helps define your natural wave. Leave and let hair dry naturally. 

When hair is completely dry apply a small amount of styling oil to the palms of your hands, start from the roots and gently crunch hair to release the hold of the styling gel or curl crème. Continue working your way down to the ends to release your natural wave. 

Gently comb fingers through the underside of hair and spray with a light texture spray to finish. 

Products We Love

Davroe Styling Fibre Crème – lightweight, medium hold sculpting crème for texture and movement.
PPS Sculpt It – styling lotion for body and bounce.
AG Hair Smooth The Oil – adds shine without weighing down hair.
AG Hair Tousled Texture – body and shine finishing spray.

NEED EXTRA OOMPH? Grab your curling iron and work a few uneven half curls on the top layer of hair, going around the iron only once or twice depending on the length of your hair and the barrel size. 

Autumn 2019 Hairstyle Trends - Messy Wavy Hair | Price Attack

Hairdry Waves

What You Need

  • Styling Gel or Curl Crème
  • Hairdryer with Diffuser
  • Texture Spray

If you don’t have time to air dry hair, after applying styling gel or curl crème lift sections of hair and dry with a diffuser, lightly scrunching and crunching hair before leaving hair to cool. 

Gently comb fingers through your hair before finishing with a dry texture spray.

Products We Love

Davroe Styling Construct – lasting hold styling gel that perfect of defying texture.
De Lorenzo Elements Wind Sandstorm – dry texture spray with medium hold to add fullness. 

Autumn 2019 Hairstyle Trends - Messy Wavy Hair | Price Attack

Braid Waves 

What You Need

  • Heat Protectant
  • Hair Ties
  • Hairdryer or Straightening Iron
  • Texture Spray 

Create wavy hair in a flash with braid waves. Start by protecting your hair from heat damage and apply a heat protectant. 

Braid several sections of your hair. How many braids will depend on how thick your hair is. Pull braids to loosen, making them flat. 

Give each braid a shot of heat with the hairdryer or press each braid with a straightening iron. Allow braids to cool and then unravel. 

Gently rumple hair and spray with a light hold shine spray.  

Or better yet give your hair a break from heat styling., simply plait damp hair and leave it overnight. 

Products We Love

AG Hair Natural Cloud – volumising mousse that protects hair from heat.
PPS Cheat the Heat Thermal Protectant – protects from heat damage.
Davroe Styling Defining Paste – strong hold, perfect for creating texture and give grip when braiding.
Nak Shine Mist– light hold shine spray for instant shine.

Whether you have short hair or long hair, get the look this autumn with messy waves. Shop recommended products online or for more expert advice visit your local Price Attack store

Stay tuned for more Autumn hair trends! Coming up, we share hair colour trends that’ll be big in Autumn 2019. Until then, discover all our inspirational hairstyle blog posts!

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