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Best Hair Straighteners to Buy in Australia

We asked our Super Squad hair care experts what their favourite hair straightener was, what you should look for when choosing a new hair straightener and their hair straightener tips or hacks.

RETAIL SUPER STAR, AMY  @amy_priceattack

Price Attack Super Squad | RETAIL SUPER STAR, AMY  @amy_priceattack

My go-to styling hair straightener is the EVY PROFESSIONAL IQ-One Glide Styler. True to its name, the One-Glide hair straightener needs only one pass through the hair to give you the perfect salon finish.

Infused with 32 post volcanic minerals, the EVY PROFESSIONAL IQ-One Glide locks in moisture and hydrates the hair from within. Almost treating your hair as you straighten, and for someone like me who styles their hair every day for work, that’s a massive bonus!

With the added bonus of a totally heat proof bag you can rest your hair straightener on it in between sectioning hair and to store safely away after use.

Shh… I’ll let you in on a little secret. The simplest way to curl your hair when you’re in a rush is to section your hair into three pony tails, securing with rubber bands; two based just above the ears and one in the middle.

What’s the best way to create a curl with a hair straightener? Apply AG Hair Firewall flat iron spray to all three pony tails and comb through to detangle. With the magic of your IQ-One Glider straightener curl each pony tail into three or four curls depending on the thickness of your hair.

After each pony tail is curled spray with AG Hair Frizzproof to lock in the style, and then cut the rubber bands. Brush curls with your fingers or wide tooth comb and WALA! Big beautiful, carefree beach wave curls!

Got a curl straightening tip? To curl with a hair straightener starting from the base of your sectioned hair turning your straightener around towards the back of your head, then glide the straightener to the ends of your hair and leave to cool.

SALON SUPER STAR, MADELINE @madeline_priceattack

Price Attack Super Squad | SALON SUPER STAR, Madeline @madeline_priceattack

My favourite hair straightener is the new ghd platinum+ - it’s like no other straightener I've tried before. The smart technology of the ghd platinum+ hair styler recognises the thickness of your hair and the speed you’re styling at and adjusts the heat accordingly. The smart hair straightener that gives you beautiful results personalised to you.

The best thing is the sleep mode, which automatically turns off your styler after 30 minutes, so you don’t have to stress that you left your straightener on when you’ve left the house. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there!

What should I look for when buying a hair straightener? The most important thing to take into consideration when choosing a hair straightener is selecting the right plates. Some cheaper hair straighteners are only ceramic-coated. Over time the coating wears down and exposes your hair to heat damage.  A good quality hair straightener is an investment that should last you for years, all while keeping your hair in great condition.

What’s a hair straightener’s best friend? Heat protection spray. It’s essential when using any heat styling product, think of it like sunscreen for your hair. Simply spray on each section of hair before straightening to prevent breakage and for thermal protection. I recommend Matrix StyleLink Heat Buffer Thermal Styling Spray for crunch free styles.

SALON SUPER STAR, DANIELLE @danielle_priceattack

Price Attack Super Squad | SALON SUPER STAR, DANIELLE @danielle_priceattack

I’ve just bought the new ghd platinum+, and since using it my hair feels and looks super smooth and glossy. I curl, straighten and wave my hair with the ghd platinum+ hair straightener, and it’s flawless every time. The ghd platinum+ hair styler glides over the hair so effortlessly it really makes it easy for anyone to create amazing styles.

Apart from making my hair look and feel ah-mazing! the ghd platinum+ is pretty good-looking itself! Choose from two colours, black or white, this hair straightener also comes with a heat resistant guard to keep your plates safe. Oh, did I forget to mention the 2-year replacement warranty?! Say whaaat!

What should I look for when buying a hair straightener? Look at the heat seatings. You don’t want any electrical heat styling tool that is going to emit too much heat – burnt hair is not a fun time! The ghd platinum+ is awesome in that it stabilises at 185 degrees. The heat plate sensors scan your hair 250 times a second to guarantee the perfect temperature, every time. It literally creates a personalised heat environment.

What’s your hair straightener tip? To create the best curls with your hair straightener, take your time. To guarantee even curls you must take even sections of hair, use a consistent tension and not glide the straightener too fast through the hair. A hair straightener with rounded plates will make curling your hair easier but if there’s one thing I always tell my clients, practice makes perfect!

One last thing worth sharing? Don’t store your electrical hair products in the bathroom, unless you have a separate vanity area. The steam can cause damage to your electricals and internal computer.

For more from the Price Attack Super Squad follow them on Instagram or listen out for them on your favourite Austereo network.

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