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Celebrating Fierce Women

It seems fitting on International Women's Day 2022, that we continue to celebrate the amazing women among us!

Here at Price Attack, 2022 is the second year that we have proudly sponsored the AFLW Brisbane Lions Team. A team full of fierce, strong, diverse athletes who do us proud when it comes to representing women in sport. As an underfunded and under patronised sport, our commitment to the sport, the team and the people is a positive foot in the right direction, our way of helping to pave the way for the future of women’s sports.  

Here's a little insight into three women who contribute to the success of the AFLW Brisbane Lions Team!


Cathy Svarc
Carthy is a mature age recruit, but can run rings around most and truly embodies the saying "age is just a number". Her younger sister, Ruby Svarc also made the team this year; good, strong genes clearly run in the family. Cathy is incredibly strong and powerful which she demonstrates on the field each and every game. She also works as a physio and believes that health and fitness should be a priority for everyone! 

Orla O'Dwyer
Orla moved to Brisbane from Ireland, taking a giant leap of faith moving to a city where she knew no one to play a sport she'd never played before! Little did she know, she would end up stuck here due to Covid, unable to see her family back home. The team stepped up and have become her family, giving her a home away from home. Fun fact: Price Attack saved her hair after she accidentally turned if purple/blue!

Sophie Conway
Sophie is not only a star on the football field, she is also a Sports Coordinator at her old school, St Ritas! She's passionate about inspiring the next generation of female sports people and sets out to live up to this passion each day! Sophie went through a serious operation on her ACL (every athelete's worst nightmare), but she steps out on the field strong every game!

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