Everything you need to know about PPS - Price Attack

Everything you need to know about PPS

Have you been searching for a no fuss hair care routine? Discover the ultimate range of hair care that will hydrate, replenish and strengthen your hair, your way. A range of treatments that will restore, reconstruct, seal and nourish your hair, your way. And a range of styling products designed to deliver bounce, texture, hold and shine to your hair, your way. 

Introducing our top 7 favourite PPS Hairwear products, which are Australian made and exclusive to Price Attack.  

PPS Hair Care 

With just a wave of the magic PPS wand and abracadabra the curse of dull, lifeless hair is lifted. There’s a shampoo and conditioner duo just for you.  

PPS Silk Hair Hydrant

De-stress coloured hair with PPS Silk Hair Hydrant Shampoo & Conditioner.  Designed for naturally dry hair PPS Silk Hydrant Shampoo is formulated to retain moisture improve hair fibres and restore elasticity. Combine with PPS Silk Hair Hydrant Conditioner with vitamin B5 for softer and silkier hair. Dry hair be-gone! 

PPS Hairwear PPS Silk Hair Hydrant Shampoo PPS Silk Hydrant Conditioner PPS Sculpt It

PPS Classic Blonde

Wash away the brass and those unwanted golden yellow tones with PPS Classic Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner. With hydrolysed silk to aid moisture retention and increase strength, PPS Classic Blonde Shampoo and PPS Classic Blonde Conditioner are designed to rebuild chemically damaged hair and neutralise unwanted gold tones with pigments of violet and blue. 

PPS Hairwear PPS Classic Blonde Shampoo PPS Classic Blonde Conditioner

PPS Hydra Lite

For those who have fine hair, the PPS Hydra Lite Shampoo & Conditioner duo are your new best friends. Packed with panthenol vitamin B5 PPS Hydra Lite Shampoo gently cleanses hair to remove traces of oil and dirt build up without weighing it down. Complete with PPS Hydra Lite Conditioner to nourish, detangle and improve elasticity for less breakages.

Also available in the PPS Hair Care range is PPS Colourwear - a blend of shea butter, vitamin E and chamomile to cleanse and moisturise coloured hair, and PPS Body Builder – a volumising combination that removes oil and styling product build-up. 

PPS Treatment

Saturate, squirt or scrunch some life into your hair. Truly pamper your hair and deliver immediate damage control to maintain your hair’s best condition. 

The Ends

A lightweight detangling cream, PPS The Ends is perfect for the gal who uses a flat iron every day. Enriched with emollients (that’s a fancy word for moisturiser) to protect your hair from the heat of heat styling tools, and to improve hydration. Pamper your hair every day and mix PPS The Ends treatment with your styling product before heat styling. 

Also available in the PPS Treatment range is PPS Active for coloured or chemically treated hair, and PPS Energy Spray, a multi-action leave-in treatment. 

PPS Hairwear PPS Treatments

PPS Styling 

Play and create your hair to perfection. PPS styling products add the finishing touch to your hairstyle, your way. 

Sculpt It

A styling lotion suitable for all hair types. Containing hydrolysed silk to improve elasticity PPS Sculpt It adds body and bounce. Apply to wet hair and blow dry for volume or apply to dry hair for texture and shine. 

PPS Hairwear PPS Cheat the Heat PPS Energy Spray PPS Sculpt It

Original Lacquer

Everyone’s favourite hair spray, PPS Original Lacquer is the ideal finishing spray for all hair types and hair styles. It’s the ultimate styling spray for body and control, that easily brushes out. Available in 2 sizes, regular and BONUS 25% more.

PPS Hairwear PPS Original Lacquer

Also available in PPS Styling Range, Shape It, Matt Mud and Waxx moulding pastes, PPS Hair Goop, PPS Gloss & Fixx and PPS Cheat the Heat Thermal Protectant to nourish your hair when heat styling. 

PPS D.fuse Menz The Endz

With a unique blend of chamomile, lavender and patchouli oil PPS D.fuse Menz The Endz seals your hair with a protective barrier to strengthen and prevent hair damage and split ends. Chamomile oil conditions and acts as an anti-inflammatory caused by heat styling. Lavender oil calms and soothes to improve circulation in the scalp, and patchouli oil restores moisture. 

PPS Hairwear d.fuse Mendz The Endz

A shampoo and conditioner is also available in the PPS D.fuse range, both designed to cleanse and restore.

Hair care, check! Treatment, check! Styling product, check! Wave the magic PPS wand over your hair. No fuss hair care for your hair, your way.

Shop the entire PPS Hairwear range in store or online here.

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