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Evy Infusalite Hair Dryer – Best Hair Dryer

It doesn’t come bedazzled with Swarovski crystals, nor is it dusted in gold but it’s a splurge-worthy gift for anyone whose hair dryer plays a regular role in their daily regime. A professional hair dryer that not only dries hair in no time at all but moisturises and hydrates hair at the same time! 

EVY PROFESSIONAL Infusalite Dryer features innovative hair hydrating technology sourced from post-volcanic minerals and infused with ionic generating minerals. 

EVY PROFESSIONAL Infusalite Hair Dryer - best hair dryer | Price Attack

Mineral infused technology isn’t new to hair tools, however, EVY PROFESSIONAL hair styling tools feature 32 hair hydrating and strengthening minerals compared to other hair tools that feature maybe 1 or 2. 

Post-volcanic minerals impart negative electrically charged particles and infrared energy to break up water particles so they seep into hair. Resulting in inner hair hydration, leaving hair shiny and healthy no matter how frequently you use your hair dryer. So, say goodbye to frizz and dry hair! 

Stylish with a touch of affordable luxury for strong, healthy hair EVY Infusalite dryer is super lightweight, weighing no more than 356g. It also comes with two nozzles for concentrated air flow. 

EVY Infusalite features 2000 watts of power, cutting hair drying time in half, three variable heat and fan speeds and a lock in cool shot button to help keep your style in place. 

The EVY Infusalite will leave your hair feeling salon soft, smooth,hydrated and fresh every time. It will blow you away! 

Here’s what lovers of EVY PROFESSIONAL have to say about EVY Infusalite… 

@pamelasotiriahair EVY PROFESSIONAL Infusalite Hair Dryer -best hair dryer | Price Attack  @pamelasotiriahair

I travel with nothing but the best! @evyprofessional tools serving me very well on holidays.

@joanna_elisabeth_ EVY PROFESSIONAL Infusalite Hair Dryer -best hair dryer

Hair looking amazing every day thanks to @evyprofessional It’s so light to hold and quiet.

@simply_ours_ EVY PROFESSIONAL Infusalite Hair Dryer -best hair dryer

One word AMAZING! My hair has never felt so soft and looked soo shiny since I started colouring my hair (16 years ago).

For a limited time only EVY Infusalite comes with a bonus EVY beauty bag, a chic solution for keeping your favoured hair and beauty pieces together and on hand. Shop the EVY Infusalite in-store or online this Christmas.


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Over 55 Stores Australia-wide

Free delivery on orders over $107*

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