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EVY Professional Styling Results at Home

An artist is only as good as her tools, which is why we are so exited to have EVY Professional in all stores nationwide.

Why choose EVY Professional?

EVY Professional gives you access to the same quality styling tools that are usually only enjoyed by professional salon teams. The range uses the latest in Mineral Infused Technology to deliver deep hydration to your strands. The secret lies in the post volcanic minerals, which continually enrich the hair with negative ions and infrared energy, reducing that much dreaded static to leave your hair healthy and smooth.

EVY Professional Hair styling tools | Price Attack


Whether your wanting the drama of a sleek straight style or you're in the mood for romantic curls the EVY Professional range of stylers are designed to retain the moisture in your hair shaft, meaning hair is healthier, shinier and softer than anything you’ve experienced before. 

The EVY iQ-OneGlide flat iron sets the new standard, featuring 24-carat gold infused into its three unique PTFE plates. This might be the most luxurious way ever invented to say goodbye to kinks, flyaways and frizz. Available in 1” and 1.5” plates.



The EVY E-Curl 25mm lets you create shiny, bouncy curls without drying out your hair, leaving a clamp mark or burning your fingertips. The unique rotating cool tip lets you hold the curling tool safely while each section of your hair is infused with smoothing negative ions. What’s more, E-Curl features an extra long barrel so you can curl long hair in one seamless step!




Much like the stylers, EVY Professional hair dryers use the power of 32 unique minerals to generate negative ionic charges and infrared energy. This unique energy is strong enough to micronise water into fine particles which are then better able to penetrate the hair shaft, and also evaporate quicker. The result? Healthier, more hydrated hair, in less time!

The EVY The Boss Dryer is the leader of the pack and features Mineral Infused Technology along with 2,400 watts of blow-drying power. The Italian beauty lets you cut your style time right down and delivers a kiss of hydration with every use.

The Boss Dryer

The Boss Dryer 

The super lightweight EVY InfusaLite Dryer also features EVY’s Mineral Infused Technology and delivers a solid 2000 watts of styling power.

Infuslite Dryer

InfusaLite Dryer


EVY Professional also offers an exclusive range of salon quality, handmade hair brushes with a unique combination of nylon and natural bristles which are also infused with post volcanic minerals to give off de-frizzing negative ions and gently nurture each strand of hair.

Brush Brush


Ready to take your styling game to a professional level? Discover more about the EVY Professional range, available in store and online at Price Attack!

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Over 55 Stores Australia-wide

Free delivery on orders over $107*

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