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Get the Look | Behind the Scenes of Our Latest photoshoot

We are spilling the tea on the products we used to get that iconic look in our 'Let It Glow' Holiday Campaign.

Come with us as we take Lara, our incredible 'Let it Glow' model from hair prep to the model hanging over your shopping centre. 

AG Care Vita C, Deflect, Conditioning Spray and more was used at our in-house photoshoot

Prep | Wash, Strengthen and Shine 

  • We washed with AG Care Vita C Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner 
    • Starting with a wash and cleanse for a clean slate is imperative for any epic hair day. You know what they say, a good hair day is decided in the shower... well, this vegan, vitamin C formula is designed to add elasticity and strength to hair. Strength and elasticity is two things you want if you are about to be undergoing multiple styling sessions. 
  • We used leave in AG Care Coco Nut Milk Conditioning Spray 
    • After washing her hair, we used a leave in conditioning spray. This is imperative to detangle her locks (no snapping hair from brushes) and keeps her hair hydrated, especially while the styling tools are heating up! We could all use a little bit more hydration, especially if you are a fan of styling tools.

In-House Shoot Behind The Scenes

  • We Volumized with AG Care Spray Body Soft Hold Volumizer 
    • It's a hair photo-shoot after all! We just didn't want volume, we needed it! We also need to make sure the volume isn't going to fall out between takes and costume changes (or nips to the snack table). To create those voluminous locks this spray is a must, and if it can last an eight hour shoot it is on our Christmas list. 
  • We protected with AG Care Deflect Fast-Dry Heat Protection
    • To keep Lara's hair from feeling the burn, quite literally, we used heat the AG Care Deflect Fast Dry Heat Protection Spray sparingly. This Heat Protection Spray was a winner because it didn't flatten any of the volume of curls, it was lightweight and boy was that important. Don't believe us? Scroll to the bottom and check out that heat protected volume!. 

Style with the E-Curl and Hi Lift Rollers

Style | The Volumized Smooth Look

If you want the the silks smooth, volume rich look...and lets be honest... we all do.

  • We used SPS Ceramic Round Barrel brush 
    • Never tell a hairdresser the brush doesn't make a difference... or at least not while they are holding scissors. The nylon bristles are heat resistant and the iconic bristles help to reduce frizz, making it our go to professional brush for that blow out. Try a professional brush once and you won't go back. 
  • We dried with Salon Confidential ProLite Hair Dryer
    • Every head of hair is different, and what makes glowing smooth locks for some, scorches another. That's why Salon Confidential Hair Dryers are perfect for styling different models, and Lara's hair didn't need a high heat. So we could use the lower of the 4 temperature options, and ionic and ceramic technology to create smooth, shiny and frizz free hair. The proof is in the photos.
Behind the Scenes Shoot
    • We set the curls with Hi lift Velcro Rollers.
      • Rollers post styling allowed us to keep her volume, that 80s bounce and smoothness for longer, setting the shape as the heat cooled. We needed the shape to hold, it was about to battle a leaf blower or two behind the camera. 
    • And added the final shine with AG Care The Oil 
      • The Oil we trusted to add shine and not weight her hair down. 

    In-house photoshoot

    Style | Curl and Spruce

    If you fell in love with Lara's curls (who didn't)...

    • We smoothed and curled with EVY Professional E-Curl 25mm
      • With her long locks we needed that extra long barrel. Additionally, the 5 heat settings allowed us to choose the heat that worked best - hotter is not always better. Holding each strand on the curler for twenty seconds before releasing carefully. 
    • We added extra protection with AG Care Frizzproof Argan Anti-Humidity Finishing Spray
      • To lock out frizz, protect the glorious curls from humidity and add shine in one finishing spray you can't go wrong with a light weight anti-humidity finishing spray. Plus, who isn't a fan of Argan Oil in the haircare industry?

    In-house photoshoot

    The proof is in the pudding. 

    If you haven't visit us in-store or online our promotion is live and ready to give you the best deals on professional haircare. 

    And check out our photoshoot made in action. Follow for more hair tricks, tips and behind the scenes content from the haircare professionals at Price Attack. 

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