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World Mental Health Day

On World Mental Health Day we want to remind our incredible customers, clients and network that taking time for themselves is important. As the season gets busier, it's more important than ever to take care of ourselves, and the people around us. 

And, let's be real, we have all probably shared a little too much with our hairdressers. In fact, they hear it all, and we really do mean all. So, who better to find out how to unwind than our amazing hairdressing team, and the incredible network at Price Attack. 

We all need to unwind and cheer up sometimes, and this is exactly how we like to do it.

So, how does Price Attack unwind? 

Head of Education and Private Label, Fabian 

"For me, mental health is always really important.

I’d like to start at least three mornings a week with reformer Pilates. It sets me up with a really great positive mindset and ready to tackle the day.

Self-care is really important and there’s nothing quite like play with my cheeky Pomeranian Fergal after a great day in salon."


Assistant Marketing Manager, Ananya  

"I unwind by cooking, gardening, cycling and watching the Big Bang Theory over and over again."

Senior Stylist, Tanisha from Price Attack Mildura

I love to go home and give my little one a big cuddle and just watch him giggle, laugh and play.

My Guilty pleasure once everyone else has gone to bed is to make a yummy cup of tea and and enjoy the calm.

Senior Stylist, Alana from Price Attack Mildura

"After a long day of work, and looking after the family, I like to unwind with a little Netflix and the cheeky snack. Right now I’m loving Virgin River."

Senior Stylist, Alisha aka ‘Leesh’ from Price Attack Green Hills 

“I prioritise my mental health by taking time for myself, whether that’s moving my body and going to the gym regularly or spending time with my family to help ground myself. ”  

Franchisee, Crystal aka ‘Crit’ from Price Attack Green Hills, Charlestown & Kotara 

“Maintaining a healthy work life balance is key so for me it’s making time for the simple things, like a walk with friends or a coffee with family to prioritise my mental health.

I love going away with my partner in our campervan to relax and unplug but ultimately to alleviate stress, I never underestimate the power of a good dog snuggle - The best therapy of all is the companionship of a furbaby.”

Store Manager, Shareen from Price Attack Kotara 

“I find staying active is my best way to relax. I find going to the gym helps me de-stress and nothing beats a good facial with a relaxation massage.”

Salon Area Manager, Clarissa, from Price Attack Charlestown

“I prioritise my mental health, relax and destress by taking some time out for myself each month and having a facial.” 

Retail Superstar, Sarah aka Sharon, from Price Attack Charlestown 

“I prioritise my mental health by indulging in self-care daily.”

Digital Coordinator, Brigita from Price Attack Support Office 

"I take a bath and read, with candles around me. A glass of wine helps too. I also take my cat on a walk... yes you can take your cat on a walk."

Management Accountant, Josh from Price Attack Support Office 

"I walk on the river. I play sports, I like tennis, football, soccer. Games too, I'm definitely a PC man."

Take Time for Yourself This Season

There you have it everyone unwinds, even your hard as nails wizard at the scissors hairdressers and the team right behind them. 

Don't forget to take time out for you this season, whether it is walking your cat, spending time with your family, relaxing into a hair mask or jumping into a Pilates class, every moment you can scrape back counts. 

Have an amazing rest of your year, with love from all of us at Price Attack. 

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Over 55 Stores Australia-wide

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