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Get the Look this Spring!

Want to know how you can get ‘the look’ – whatever the style or texture of your hair. Don’t know what products you should use? We break it down to help you get the look this spring - but first it’s necessary to consider the density and texture of your hair, and even your hair colour. 


Fine hair is naturally smooth and silky but often lacks volume. To avoid limp hair, we recommend washing hair every other day with a volumising shampoo. Add a little oomph or really turn up the volume on your look this spring with our volume top picks.

Nioxin are the experts when it comes to delivering thicker, fuller-looking hair. Nioxin System 3 Cleanser, Scalp Revitalizing Conditioner and Scalp Treatment are perfect for coloured hair, leaving hair thicker, denser-looking while leaving your colour vibrant.

Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner | Nioxin System 3 | thin hair - Price Attack

Davroe hair care products are produced with natural botanicals, are 100% vegan and proudly Australian. Davroe Volume Sense Shampoo and Conditioner are light weight to amplify fine hair and are perfect for sensitive or oily scalps.

Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner | Davroe Volume Senses Shampoo and Conditioner | thin hair - Price Attack

FINE HAIR STYLING TIP | For extra volume, the best haircut for fine hair is long layers or a bob, and ombre colouring for depth. Adding highlights can swell the cuticle, giving thin hair the appearance of more volume.


Course hair is frequently mistaken for thick hair. However, dryness and frizz are more associated with naturally coarse hair. With the proper products you can achieve major hair envy. Bring some moisture back to dry, damaged hair this spring with our hydration rich top picks.

PPS Hairwear is no fuss hair care designed to hydrate and replenish hair. PPS Silk Hair Hydrant Shampoo and Conditioner is formulated for naturally dry hair or coarse hair, and helps moisture retention.

Hydrating shampoo and conditioner | dry, damaged hair | PPS Silk Hair Hydrant Shampoo and conditioner - Price Attack

De Lorenzo has a natural approach when it comes to hair care, using organic ingredients. De Lorenzo Rejuven8 The Ends prevents split ends. A leave-in treatment that moisturises hair for long-lasting smooth hair.

Hydrating hair treatment | dry, damaged hair, split end | De Lorenzo Rejuven8 The Ends - Price Attack

COARSE HAIR STYLING TIP | Limit the use of heat styling tools if your hair is coarse and make use of hair with more substance with braids and creative updos.


Dry hair easily knots and is prone to breakage, while damaged hair is due to the overuse of heat styling, colouring and product use. The good news, dry and damaged hair can be rehydrated. So, say goodbye to your winter woes and hello to a spring refresh with some tender, love and repair products.

AG Hair range of hair care are free from harmful ingredients and inspired by simplicity and confidence. AG Hair Refuel Shampoo restores life to dry, damaged hair, while AG Hair Restore Conditioner with keratin oil bonds, repairs and smooths hair. Protect from further damage with AG Hair Reconstruct, an intense luxurious restorative mask.

Keratin hair repair shampoo and conditioner, hair treatment | AG Hair Keratin Repair - Price Attack

DRY/ DAMAGED HAIR STYLING TIP | Dry and damaged hair is fragile, using heat styling tools will course further dehydration and damage to hair so be gentle with your hair and don’t overwork it.


Frizzy hair happens to us all, no matter what your hair type is. Frizz results from a lack of moisture, humidity and too hot showers – as the natural oils are stripped from hair. Don’t let flyaways ruin your spring look! Kick frizz to the curb with our silky-smooth perfections.

Matrix are leaders in professional hair care, and Matrix Total Results Mega Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner are the perfect pair to help control rebellious, unruly hair and manages frizz against humidity.

Frizzy Hair shampoo and conditioner | Matrix Total Results Mega Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner = Price Attack

Schwarzkopf Osis Sparkler and Shine Spray is the perfect finishing touch to keep your hair frizz free. It adds shine, lightly conditions hair and detangles for a smooth finish.

Flyaway hair, finishing spray, frizzy hair | Schwarzkopf Osis Sparkler Shine Spray - Price Attack

FRIZZY HAIR STYLING TIP | Trim frizzy hair regularly and spoil your hair with regular deep conditioning masks that are packed full of moisture to avoid hair sucking up moisture in the air causing frizz.


Keeping up on hair colour trends can be fun, but it can also overload your hair. Take care of colour-treated hair to avoid dry and damaged hair. New season, new hair colour? Get longer out of your colour with specialised colour care products.

Matrix Biolage ColorLast Shampoo and Conditioner maintains colour depth, tone and shine for vivid colour-treated hair.

Colour care hair shampoo, colour last | Biolage Color Last Shampoo and Conditioner - Price Attack

Prevent colour fading and protect hair from damage with PPS Aroma D Fuse Menz the Enz infused with chamomile and lavender to prevent hair breakage.

Coloured Hair Treatment | PPS Aoma D Fuse Menz The Enz – Price Attack

COLOUR TREATED STYLING TIP | Reduce hair washing days to prolong colour, and our hot tip - wash hair in tepid water as hot water opens hair cuticles letting your colour escape. Use a dry shampoo between days if you have oily hair.

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