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Grey Grey, Come Out To Play

For decades, grey hair has been covered up, blended in and hidden but all that is changing. From soft ash to shimmering silvers, women of every age all over the world are embracing grey, making it one of the most on trend shades in the fashion world today. So, what’s involved in embracing the look?

The so-called ‘granny hair’ trend started popping on to the celebrity fashion scene a while ago, with Kellie Osbourne perhaps being one of the first to push the ‘baby nanna’ look as early as 2012. Since then, going grey has evolved from being considered a little weird to decidedly chic, and it is easy to see why.

Grey is very versatile, working well over dark roots, in ombre effects or as a pop shade to frame the face. If you’re keen to give grey a go, here are our top tips for getting jiggy with your inner granny.

    Grey hair is trending as never before but of course it’s important to be confident if it's a look you love. Before you shell out, consider a little cosplay first. Because the colour has become so popular, there are countless shades and styles of grey wigs available online. Wear one to a party or play around in the privacy of your own room to determine which shade of grey will work for you. It’s an inexpensive way to experiment and when you’re ready, you’ll have a better point of reference to start the conversation with your colourist.
    Grey hair, come out to play | Price Attack

    If you are keen to go all over grey but have naturally darker hair, rocking this look can be a process. Your hairdresser will need to strip your natural colour, or remove existing tones to prep your hair. This could take several visits so it pays to have an in-depth consultation with a hair colour specialist first. When discussing your options, remember to get advice on how to look after your hair in advance of colour treatments to help keep it as healthy as possible, whilst avoiding any shampoo, conditioners or other treatments that could affect the uptake of your new colour.
    Grey hair, come out to play | Price Attack

    There are many shades of grey so it’s important to select something that will work for you. As with all things in fashion, the key to grey hair is the correct contrast. If you have a cool skin tone you’ll want a warmer range of greys with creamier yellow bases and may even wish to experiment with a little plum in the mix. Warmer skin tones can carry off more of the steel blues with cold whites. If you are not sure what your skin tone is, talk to your colour specialist about an ombre effect that can keep your natural colour around your face and rock your choice of grey from the mid lengths.
    Grey hair, come out to play | Price Attack

    How well grey locks in will depend on your hair type. The more naturally porous your hair is, the more colour saturation you’ll achieve and the longer your new do will last. However, it is a shade that tends to fade so it comes with more than a modicum of maintenance. If you love the silver look, it’s important to realise that even a hint of brassiness will look quite yellow, so you may need to anticipate routine trips back to the salon for touch ups. Between getting your hair care in the salon chair it will pay to invest in specialised shampoos, conditioners and treatments specifically for toning and purple pigmentation your look at home.
    Grey hair, come out to play | Price Attack

    Although grey is a naturally occurring hair colour, sporting grey locks at a younger age is a statement look. Chances are you’ll attract both welcome and possibly less welcome comments from friends, family and even complete strangers. That said, confidence carries the day so wear it with flair, and never mind the rest. Mind you, it may not hurt to have a couple of pithy one liners ready to go for the office jerk (there’s always one!). We particularly like “I’m an old soul, just matching the hair with the wisdom, my friend” for a snappy retort if needed.
    Grey hair, come out to play | Price Attack

    Any dramatic change to hair colour often means a rethink of your wardrobe and your make-up. Tried and trusted ensembles and cosmetic combinations may not have the same effect. Depending on how metallic or reflective you go, you may even find your new silver do picks up colours such as green and yellow.
    Grey Hair, Come out to play | Price Attack

As always, the trick is in the contrast. Rich hues and jewel tones such as plums, velvet blues, violets and magentas can really lift your look, and of course you can’t go wrong with black and white.

Images via Pinterest.

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