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Spooky & Kooky Halloween Hair

Are you dying to have some fun this Halloween? Creep it real with our spooky and kooky Halloween hair tips and tricks.

Hey Boo-tiful!

Dressing up your hair is the easiest way to get into the Halloween spirit without giving ‘em pumpkin to talk about! Make your hair the focal point with a too cute to spook hairstyle and dress it up with hair accessories. Better still get out the hot glue gun and make your own. Here’s a few of our favourite Halloween hairstyles to inspire.

Spooky Hair Accessories for Halloween

How to | Create Devil Horns with ghd

Be the Hallow-Queen with these spook-tacular devil horns. A simple and easy half-updo, that’ll have all the guys and ghouls turning their heads. Here’s how…

Spooky and Kooky Hair for Halloween

  1. Start with a centre part. Then part each section of hair from your front hairline to your crown, to create two ponytails on the top of your head, securing each ponytail with a hair tie.
  2. Spray hair with ghd curl hold spray for long lasting curls.
  3. Using either a ghd curling iron or straightener, curl each ponytail in one ribbon, curling away from the part. This will help wrap the hair.
  4. Wrap each pony around the elastic to create a bun, keeping the last two wraps close to your crown, and then pin.
  5. Using ghd final fix hairspray, mould each bun into shape, forming horns.
  6. Finish by curling the lower half of your hair, curling away to form soft curls.

Howl you doin?

Go forth, eat, drink and be scary, but when the fun and games have ended don’t go to bed without washing away styling products and coloured spray. Otherwise waking up might be more frightful, ie a tangled mess, than your Halloween hairdo!

Spooky and Kooky Halloween Hair

We recommend using a deep cleansing shampoo like Davroe Clarify Deep Cleansing Shampoo to remove product build-up and lift temporary colour. Follow up with a quick 60 second treatment to restore moisture and shine. We love muk Deep muk 1 Minute Treatment.  

Apply & Dye

Trick or treat your hair and create a masterpiece with Pulp Riot. Watch Episode 1: Poisoned Snow White on Pulp Riot’s Apply and Dye series as Pulp Riot Artist @hairbykaseyoh creates a colour melt with Pulp Riot Noir, while make-up artist @goldiestarling demonstrates how to complete the look with veining techniques and blood splatter.

Poisoned Snow White not to your blood type, then check out these other Pulp Riot Halloween looks here.

Spooky and Kooky Hair for Halloween

For more spooky and kooky Halloween hairstyle inspiration, check out our pin board Halloween Hair on Pinterest.

Bugs & Kisses!
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