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Holiday Hair That Works Everywhere

School is out, the office is closed and it’s time to enjoy the best of the festive season. It’s not uncommon to be waking late – and slightly worse for wear – from end of year functions, to find yourself rushing between family affairs and catch ups with friends in a single day.

Keeping your hair looking lovely for every special occasion from breakfast to evenings out can be tricky when your time is limited, so here are three super simple style hacks to ensure you maintain holiday hair that works everywhere.

  • Morning: Curls Unplugged
For a great fuss-free curl ready minutes after waking, all you need is a water mister bottle, bobby pins, hairspray, your choice of oil for shine, texturiser and two fabric hair bands, like the kind used to keep hair off your face when applying makeup.

  1. Split your hair into a middle part down the back and separate to either side. Place the first band on to sit just above your forehead and around your crown. Pull hair from ends to flatten at the crown.
  2. Mist the first side of your hair with water. You want it damp, but not wet.
  3. Pick up the first side of your hair from in front of your ear, gently twist it and then bring it up and under the band and back down. Without dropping the first section, pick up the next and repeat, moving around the band until all the hair is wrapped through. Fix with bobby pins.
  4. Pop on the second band, mist hair and repeat on the other side.
  5. Head to bed.
  6. Wake up, gently release each section and marvel at the head full of wavy wonder you’ve created.

Add a little AG Hair Smooth The Oil to loosen if the curls are quite tight, or spray with Matrix Stylelink Texture Builder for more lift and volume if desired and of course, finish with PPS Original Lacquer hairspray.

You now have a fabulous, easily adaptable base style to get you through every festive event.

  • Afternoon: Half Way Through The Day Do

With the middle of the day often being much warmer, it’s the ideal time to freshen up with a half way do. 

  1. Simply give the section of hair at your crown a quick tease with a comb to plump up a little volume and then settle it gently with your hands.
  2. Take the section of hair from in front of your ear, twist it all the way to the end, pull it around to cross the back of your head and pin in place.
  3. Do the same with the other side, laying the second section just above the other.
  4. Once pinned securely, gently pull on each twist to loosen for a fuller appearance and spray with hairspray.

A brand new you just got did in under five minutes.

  • Evening: Elegant In An Instant

Moving from day to night when you’ve started with a good base curl is easy, and even waves that are dropping by this stage look lovely when they are swept up into a casual, slight tousled up-do. The secret to this style is dry shampoo. 

  1. Spray with De Lorenzo Essential Treatments Absorb dry shampoo. This will help pick up any oil that has started developing during the day and give your hair a little extra lift and grip to get you through the cocktail hours.
  2. Give your crown a gentle tease with your comb and shape. Then section your hair into four quarters (top left, to right, bottom left, bottom right).
  3. Take the lower sections and create two small buns around mid-height on your head. Use clear elastic bands to secure.
  4. Take your top two sections and twist towards the back of your head, pinning each over the two small buns, ensuring the lower hair is tucked underneath and that the twisted hair provides full coverage.
  5. Once pinned, gently pull your twisted hair loose to develop a little more tousled volume. You have created an elegant evening up do with relative ease.
Images via Pinterest.
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