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How to choose the right styling tool

There’s a tool for every job, and whatever tool you use to style your hair makes all the difference when creating a different look - from a day at the office to a night on the town!

So how do you know which hair styling tool does what? We break it down and tell you how to choose the right heat styling tool for your hair type and what it does so you can achieve the look you want.

First a little science … As we revealed last week lots of things lead to the weakening of hair bonds, including wetting your hair. This hair wetting bond weakening isn’t the bad type of hair damage but nature. As hair dries and cools the bonds reform and take on whatever shape your hair is in. This is why when you go to bed with wet hair in a plait you wake up in the morning with wavy hair!

So, what electrical hair styling tool does what?

Heat Protectors

Hair Straightener

A hair straightener or flat iron works best if you want a sleek, smooth and glossy hairstyle. As you pull the hair straightener through the hair the heat plates break the bonds and as these bonds cool they reform straight.

Which hair straightener is right for you?

If your hair is fine a ceramic hair straightener is your best bet. Ceramic plates offer an even heat and are less likely to burn the hair and cause frizz. Check out the ghd platinum serene pearl styler.

A titanium hair straightener works best if your hair is thick and course. Titanium plates hold a higher heat, quicker and more evenly. The higher heat eliminates the need to go over each strand of hair two or three times to achieve a sleek, smooth look.

Mineral infused straighteners can be used on all hair types, and are designed to hydrate the locks and give them a lust-worthy shine. For a fast-seamless glide, look no further than EVY IQ-Oneglide and EVY Pro Styler.

Our final tip on hair straighteners – if you want to use your straightener to curl your hair as well, buy a straightener with curved edged plates.

How to choose the right hair styling tool

Curling Iron

Curling iron and crimping irons are most effective if you’re wanting to add texture or volume to your hair. This hair styling tool is used to create luscious locks and waves. Again like hair straighteners, these are made with different heat plates - so be sure to pick the best option for your hair type.

What to look for when choosing a curling iron

When choosing a curling iron your options vary from the size of the curl - a large barrel gives you large curl. A small barrel will give you a small tight curl, and are best suited to shorter hair.

A cone shape curling iron though gives you versatility for both large and small curls - use the larger end to create larger curls and the smaller end for smaller curls.

Curling irons with interchangeable barrels offer more variety as well in curl size, giving you that professional look of salon styled hair. If this is what you’re looking for check out the Muk Curl Stick.

Multi-barrel curling irons, or crimpers are designed to produce a wave to the hair rather than curls, and spiral curlers are perfect for beginners; the spiral guides your hair and gives an even curl.

And finally, the Automatic Curler is where hair is automatically drawn into a heated ceramic chamber. Perfect for curls on the run!

Our final note on curling irons – curling tongs and curling irons have a spring lever which secures the end of the hair while you curl, whereas curling wands do not and offer a more natural falling curl. 

How to choose the right styling tool

Hair Dryer

Where would we be without our trusty old hairdryer! It’s been in our lives since the 1920s! From bonnet hair dryers in salons to lightweight sleek modern-day dryers. So which hair dryer is best for you?

Ceramic hair dryers are suitable for all hair types and can be used to both style and dry hair. Like all ceramic styling tools is heats up quickly and provides an even heat. It’s the hair dryer that is least likely to damage your hair as they emit infrared heat and lock in moisture.

If your hair is naturally thick or frizzy a titanium hair dryer or tourmaline hair dryer is perfect for you. Your hair will dryer quicker as this hair dryer offers a higher heat temperature than a ceramic hair dryer.

Ionic hair dryers are a combination of ceramic and titanium. These hair dryers’ dry hair quickly but aren't suitable for styling hair as they do not add volume to hair, nor are they suitable for short or thin hair types.

Our last tip - don’t forget to use a heat protector! It’s like sunscreen for your hair. Protecting it from the heat of heat styling tools all while adding in some rich oils to keep your locks smooth and healthy.


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Over 55 Stores Australia-wide

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