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How to Create Volume for Fine and Thin Hair

Fine Hair or Thin Hair - How to Get More Volume and Bounce with the Best Volumising Shampoos?

Do you have thin or fine hair? Want more body and bounce? While fine and thin hair can be both characterised by a flatness and lack body, how you create volume depends on whether you have fine or thin hair.

Confused? Let’s start with the basics.

Do I have Thin or Fine Hair?

The thickness of your hair determines whether you have fine or course hair. Take a single hair and roll it between your fingers, if you can’t feel it then you have fine hair. Fine hair is lightweight and prone to breakage, and is typically shinier. If you have fine hair you need to create the illusion that your hair is thicker with volume.

Now the density of your hair determines whether you have thin or thick hair. If you can see your scalp when you pull a clump of hair together then you have thin hair. People with thin hair tend to have less of it, so they need to create more body.

Fine Hair or Thin Hair - How to get more volume and bounce with the best volumising shampoos

How to Create More Volume to Fine Hair

Start by using a volumising shampoo and conditioner. Designed to plump up the hair cuticles and create thicker looking hair, volumising shampoo and conditioner contain ingredients to strengthen hair and prevent breakage. They are more lightweight than an everyday shampoo and conditioner and work by not weighing down hair or leaving a residue that can leave hair looking greasy.

TIP | Limit the amount of conditioner you use, and only apply volumizing conditioner to the length of your hair rather than the scalp.

WE RECOMMEND | Pure Up.Lift Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, a volumising shampoo and conditioner which contains omega 6 to boost volume and is high in beta-carotene to encourage hair growth. Made from natural, organic ingredients,it’ll make fine hair come alive.

How to Create Volume for fine and thin hair | Price Attack

Find the best volumising shampoos and conditioners for fine and thin hair.

When styling fine hair steer clear from using heavy styling products like oils and waxes. Instead opt for a volumising foam. Foam is lighter than mousse and will give hair more movement while keeping it soft. Because fine hair tends to break easily, use a foam with a heat protectant to protect and strengthen. Don’t go heavy when applying a volumising foam - start at the ends limiting the amount you put on the roots to avoid build-up.

TIP | When drying fine hair partially dry it upside down to lift roots, then finish with a round brush to smooth and style.

WE RECOMMEND | AG Hair Volume Foam or Matrix Total Results High Amplify Foam for feather-light volume (this volumizing foam for fine hair also offers thermal protection).

Fine Hair or Thin Hair - How to Get more volume and bounce with the best volumising shampoos | Price Attack

Find more volumising hair styling products.

Adding highlights to fine hair will also help to create the illusion of volume in your hair. The process of lightening thickens hair by opening the cuticles. Use a plant-based colour if possible and colour in moderation so you don’t damage hair causing more breakage.

How to Create More Body to Thin Hair

Start by using a deep cleansing shampoo once a week to detox the scalp, and remove product build up and natural oils and dirt.

WE RECOMMEND | Davroe Scalp Remedy Clarify Deep Cleansing Shampoo is mild enough to be used daily, it contains no harsh ingredients, only natural plant and flower extracts.

Fine Hair or Thin Hair - How to get more volume and bounce with the best volumising shampoos | Price Attack

Where fine hair lacks volume, thin hair lacks body. Create more body using a body-building or thickening shampoo. Thickening shampoos are formulated with keratin and proteins to open the cuticles and build from within. Or use a shampoo designed to stimulate hair follicles.

TIP | Reverse wash. Conditioning can leave hair looking lank, so lather up first then shampoo your roots.

WE RECOMMEND | Nak Scalp to Hair Energise Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner, or Matrix Biolage Full Density Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner for fuller looking hair, dedicated to reduce hair loss.

Fine Hair or Thin Hair - How to Get More Volume and Bounce with the Best Volumising Shampoos | Price Attack

Find more shampoos, conditioners and hair products for thin hair.

Obvious but true, use styling products designed to thicken and add texture. Create texture by adding waves or curls to your hair rather than straightening hair. Texture makes hair appear fuller. Dry shampoo also helps to add body, removing oils for a longer lasting style.

TIP | Create fuller looking hair by back combing and also avoid centre parts.

WE RECOMMEND | AG Dry Shampoo with natural tapioca starch and a variety of shades to seamlessly match any shade of hair colour.

Fine Hair or Thin Hair - How to Get More Volume and Bounce with the Best Volumising Shampoos | Price Attack

When colouring hair, opt for multi-layered highlights or a balayage in darker shades. Light hair makes hair appear thinner, so add dimension with darker colours for depth.

With a little help, and the right product you can have more voluminous, bouncy hair. For more expert advise visit your local Price Attack salon.

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