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How to prevent hair breakage in 3 easy steps!

Brushing, blow drying, heat styling, braiding, perming, colouring…we do a lot with our hair. However unfortunately a lot of the things we do with our hair leads to damages. So we’ve pulled together the perfect solution to protect and preserve your hair in 3 easy steps.

Did you know that a healthy head of hair can support the weight of two elephants! You herd correctly, two elephants (that’s 23 tonnes)! Hair is one of the strongest naturally-occurring bonds in nature.

Matrix Bond Ultim8 Salon Treatment

These bonds however are altered from the use of blow dryers, flat irons and every day hair maintenance, and from the chemical process used to colour and lighten hair.

Matrix Bond Ultim8, a hair bonding treatment process, is proven to reduce hair breakages by up to 70%. It preserves hair fibres to prevent breakage in your salon service, all without changing the technique your stylist uses to colour your hair.


Bond Ultim8 prevents bond breakage and works like a barrier, preserving the bonds against the alkaline agents during the chemical hair colouring process. Which means you can can go blonder than ever without fear of damage or go bold no matter what your hair colour.

Bond Ultim8 repairs damage for stronger, healthier and more shiny hair all the time. Plus, the process time stays exactly the same, so there’s no need to allocate more time at the salon. Bond Ultim8 works in 3 quick and easy steps.

Matrix Bond Ultim8

Step 1 is a liquid treatment that preserves the strong bonds to prevent breakage, 

Step 2 is a conditioning sealer that helps protect and maintain weak bonds from breakage, and
Step 3 is an at home weekly sealing treatment that maintains, reinforces and nourishes.

Don’t believe us? Here’s what Caroline Robitaille, Matrix trusted Global colourist had to say…

As a colourist, the most important thing for me is the integrity of the hair. The performance of Bond Ultim8 is instantly noticeable. It is also simple to use and ensures healthy coloration while nourishing the hair fibre deeply. It is a jewel to add to all our favourite formulas. I fell in love with Bond Ultim8 and so did my clients!” 

Ask your Price Attack salon stylist today about Matrix Bond Ultim8.


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