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How to Wash your Hair (the right way)

Are you washing your hair right? It sounds like a strange question doesn't it? You have been washing your hair your entire life of course you know what your doing 

We hear what expert Remington Schulz has to say about hair-washing habits - and if we are doing it right.

  1. I have oily hair but I don’t love washing it every single day...
    – 'If your hair is on the oilier side, I would recommend washing it every second day and supplementing with dry shampoo on your day off.'

  2. My hair is dry from a tone of daily heat styling so I don’t wash so much...
    Verdict – 'If you are exposing it to a lot of heat styling, washing your hair with super enriching products helps to repair any heat or environmental damage. So definitely don’t be scared of washing every day if you feel you need it.'

    Heat Styling

  3. I love my gym sessions but I hate having to wash after every sweat sesh...
    Verdict – 'Try spraying a dry shampoo onto your roots before your workout – this will work proactively to absorb any excess oiliness that comes about from breaking a sweat. Your strands will also stay much fresher if they don’t come in contact with your skin so keep hair off your face and neck with a sleep topknot or high pony.'

    High Pony
    4. I stress my hair out with daily washing...
    Verdict – 'People think they are over washing when really they are using products that aren’t suited to their hair type. To repair stressed-out hair, try using a formula that’s specifically damage repairing.'


Ensure you're using a repair shampoo too avoid doing further damage to your hair. We love Juuce Ultra Repair, which rejuvenates damaged and dry hair, or try Davroe Moisture Senses Shampoo if you're looking for a gentle cleanse. 

Also, it's probably no shock that Dry Shampoo is a girls best friend. Try Simply Dry Dry Shampoo by AG Hair, or if your after a little added volume as well, try Biolage Clean & Full by Matrix. 

Overall, there is definitely no need to fear hair washing, especially if your equipped with the right products. But if you really can't be bothered, a quality dry shampoo will work wonders.
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