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Is ORI Lab the Future of Hair Transformation?

Vegan, sustainable and Australia’s leading salon hair brand, ORI Lab has sparked intrigue in the beauty industry, and we are here to deliver the low down on the newest organic hair care by NAK Hair.

ORI Lab’s value lies in its toxin free journey, championing organic ingredients and 100% recycled HDPE bottles. A win for your hair and a win for the environment, we love a double threat. Don’t get us started on the soy-based inks they use on their labels (yes, the same soy you can put in your coffee).  

Plump Condition by ORI Lab

With cold weather looming here are our top recommendations from this Australian made, plant based clean beauty brand:

ORI Lab Gloss Serum, protecting our hair from heat while smoothing frizz - do I need to say more? Use it on wet or dry hair as the first step in your styling routine to lock in that shine and protection, whether you are air drying or blow drying.
ORI Lab Rescue Masque gives an intense moisturizing treatment condition, nourishes and protects hair from extreme weather and winter dryness. We recommend using it once a week, and don’t forget to tag us in those transformation photos - we are here for it!
Hydration, gloss and volume all in one lightweight formula, we can’t get enough of the ORI Lab Plump Condition. Optimise those results with the ORI Lab Plump Cleanse, you can thank us later.

Just because it’s getting dark outside, the doesn’t mean your hair can’t be bright. The ORI Lab Blonde Cleanse and ORI Lab Blonde Condition effectively tones your strands while softening and strengthening.

A few other honourable mentions include: the ORI Lab Restore Cleanse and ORI Lab Restore Condition, the ultimate for colour treated or fragile hair. For our curly girls, the ORI Lab Curl Cleanse and ORI Lab Curl Condition is designed to hydrate, strengthen and renew curly hair, best of all it is Silicone free so you know that moisture is getting in and not just laying on top. Last, but definitely not least, the Overnight Dew Serum for a luxurious hydrating treatment that repairs while you rest, if only it could apply mascara too.

What can we say, we are a fan.

Discover the entre ORI Lab collection here.

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